Mr./Mrs./Ms. Smith Go to Washington

Ordinary citizens victimized by a judicial system set against the Constitution are now running for political offices in their states to restore liberty and freedoms. John and Jane Doe from Mainstreet, Any State, USA are challenging those liberal, progressive, Democratic strongholds in an effort to save the Republic so that their children will live to see a brighter future.

Punished for trying to keep their businesses afloat and their families fed, these citizens defied the corona virus restrictions and now, unapologetically, seek to enter the Swamp to return Common Sense to a political system corrupted by policies of squalor.

Joe Collins

Republican congressional candidate and Navy veteran Joe E. Collins speaks out on why he’s running against the longtime Democrat incumbent in California.

Navy veteran Joe E. Collins is running as a Republican to unseat Maxine Waters in California’s 43rd district, which includes parts of Los Angeles. He wants to run against Waters because, as a native of South Central Los Angeles, he says that the conditions have become worse over the past 13 years while he has served in the military.

“Coming back home and seeing things considerably worse, especially with the homeless pandemic, the lack of quality jobs, and our education being among dead last in our country,” Collins said.

He also states that Waters has failed businesses in the district and is “losing trust” with her constituency.

“You would think that when you are a Black leader in the Black community, your primary responsibility is to ensure that the people that are in your district have what they need in order to survive during times like COVID-19, but, unfortunately, that has not been the case,” Collins said in a “Fox & Friends” interview in July.

From the failed impeachment of President Trump to the defund the police movement, Collins says, “People want to see Maxine Waters gone.”

Democrats who think that Americans are going to tacitly accept the socialist boot of oppression on their necks are going to be in for quite a surprise come November. The pushback from the forgotten men and women of this country will give systemic racism a whole new meaning for America. They’ll win their races and beat down the socialist system.

Kimberly Klacik

Donning what has now become her signature red dress and heels, Republican Kimberly Klacik took to the streets of Baltimore in a Twitter video about trash and blight in West Baltimore to draw attention to the city’s blight that Democrats don’t want black voters to see. Her July video caught the attention of U.S. President Donald J. Trump and has garnered her his endorsement.

Shelley Luther

Amid concerns of the spread of COVID-19, salon owner Shelley Luther wears a mask

The Texas hair salon owner who was jailed for violating Gov. Greg Abbott’s shutdown order is running for the District 30 seat that was vacated by Rep. Sen. Pat Fallon, who decided to run for Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe’s congressional seat. Ratcliffe was confirmed by the Senate in May to serve as President Trump’s director of national intelligence.

“I’m just a normal person whose life and livelihood was threatened by the government. I realize the need for real people who recognize the real problems that face our state,” Shelley Luther said in a press release announcing her run for state Senate. “I will fight for Senate District 30 and push back against the Austin insiders who want to control our community.”

Luther, who owns Salon A la Mode in Dallas, skyrocketed to national prominence in May when Judge Eric Moye sentenced her to a week behind bars and ordered her to pay a $500 fine for every day that she operated her business in violation of the shutdown order was freed after less than 48 hours when the Texas Supreme Court granted a motion to release her.

Chris Kelley

Chris Kelley for US Congress

With the 19th anniversary of the 2001 murders of 2,976 people, also known as 9/11, it is no surprise that Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar will face opposition stemming from her March comment regarding 9/11, “Some people did something.”

Chris Kelley, a veteran Minneapolis policeman and decorated U.S. Army veteran, will run as an Independent to challenge Omar. Kelley is an advocate of the Border Patrol and ICE agents who he feels have been unfairly blamed for conditions at the border by Omar and her minions.

“I won’t be bringing in controversy and scandal,” Kelley said. “I will be bringing firsthand knowledge of the things that I know are going on in the community as an officer. I see a lot every day — the homelessness, the opioid crisis.”

Kelley seeks the endorsement of the Independent-Alliance Party of Minnesota, but the challenger faces an uphill battle against the Muslim democrat who has defeated five candidates seeking to dethrone her.


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