NEW TET OFFENSIVE: Jobs vs. Mobs Election Promises Post-Election Chaos

Americans are now facing the long-awaited results of the election between Patriot President Donald J. Trump and Left-wing Anarchist Representative Joe Biden. With more than 90 million votes already cast, apprehensive Americans vacillate between confidence and trepidation as to the outcome promised after the actual voting day.

It’s true: Americans will remember in November.

The far Left has promised riots, burning, looting, and murder if Joe Biden doesn’t win the election. But, what the masses don’t know is it doesn’t matter to the Deep State who wins. It matters in respect to the direction of our nation, but it doesn’t matter where the chaos is concerned.

This is the New Tet Offensive, similar to what happened during the 1968 Vietnamese Tet Offensive attacks when, under orders of the North Vietnamese government, five South Vietnamese cities, dozens of military installations, and small towns and villages across South Vietnam were attacked simultaneously from all sides.


The primary objective of the coordinated Deep State attacks brought on by the North Vietnamese government and communist forces of the Viet Cong was to foment rebellion among the masses to turn against the United States. The publicity of the two-month offensive shocked the American public and eroded the war effort. The offensive became a turning point in the war, as well as the battle between Hawks and Doves.

The New Tet Offensive is the culmination of the continuing battle between the Alliance (White Hats) and the Resistance (Black Hats). Resistance forces, including ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, don’t care who wins the election; the main objective of the New Tet Offensive is to foment discord and chaos against the Alliance.

The Deep State controls the Resistance, whose members hold simpatico disdain for anyone who’s representative of corporate America, whether it’s Joe Biden or President Donald J. Trump. The simultaneous rioting, burning, looting, and chaos will take place regardless of who the winner is. That’s the plan.

The simultaneous attacks on America’s defenses have already started from all sides. The Deep State is attacking hard and fast from all sides. Deep State monies are pouring in to local politicians to finance these coordinated attacks.

We knew back in the Spring that the pandemic would raise its ugly head again this Fall as mainstream media news outlets report surges in the numbers of virus cases. They don’t mention skewed numbers from questionable sources. The trick is case numbers rise with more testing, but the truth is deaths are few; 99% of people recover.

The “Summer of Love” foretold the Left’s impending “Winter of Discontent,” and Joe Biden even forecast a “dark Winter,” alluding to “Operation Dark Winter” during the final presidential debate.

The senior-level bio-terrorist attack simulation of “Operation Dark Winter,” implemented by Deep State foils during the Summer of 2001, was designed to carry out a mock version of a covert small pox attack on America. The propaganda was meant to prepare America’s sheeple for a planned, sustained continuation of a fake pandemic. And here we are.

The government operation gained little traction in the press, soon to be overshadowed by events that September, when the twin towers were obliterated from the American landscape through Deep State machinations.

It’s taken almost 20 years for America to wake up to what a lot of us have known all along.

Now, it’s a foregone conclusion that Trump and his Chumps will experience a landslide victory. If blue state democrats are so certain of a Biden victory, then why are American cities boarded up, bracing for the ensuing carnage?

Because they know that it’s going to happen no matter who wins.

Republicans won’t be rioting post-election; they’ll be going to work, raising their families, and living their lives. Democrats’ evil doings have been in the making for decades.

But, patriotic Americans have a plan; red state patriots are prepared for what might ensue. Blue state citizens might not fare so well. President Trump has a plan for restoring order; and the Alliance has a plan, as well.

P.A.N.I.C. in Washington, D.C. means Patriots Are Now In Control. The military has its collective fingers on the pulse of the New Tet Offensive. President Trump is merely the televised entertainment for the nation’s populace.

While the polls have favored Joe Biden down the line, Americans know the truth. President Trump will more than likely run the table on Sleepy Joe, taking a super majority of the popular vote and even breach 500 electoral college votes. Sleepy Joe will probably take Washington, D.C. But, that might be as far as he’ll get.

However, Americans should not be complacent. There’s a lot at stake, so no one should ignore their right to vote. The 90 million plus votes already cast show that Americans do not take their votes for granted. The 90 million plus votes show that Americans are fighting for their God-given freedoms, as well as the U.S. Constitution that has defined our way of life.

When failure is not an option, global and Democratic Deep State operatives are going to find out in a matter of hours, how dispensable they really are … if they don’t already know it now.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. Pop the popcorn. Enjoy the show.


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