New UN NWO Website Fronts For Communist Agenda — ‘Forced Happiness, Orphaned Children, Complete Poppycock’

As that vaunted and much ballyhooed experiment in global governance, the United Nations, turns 75 this year, a sparkly website showcasing a new “New World Order,” an initiative built around a “Happiness Project,” has caught the watchful eyes of American Patriots.

Scratching the surface of this synthetic pop culture juggernaut — rolled out under the Obama regime; inaugurated with a TedX speech by the son of Mandela and the daughter of Clinton; coordinated with hit Pharrell Williams song “Happy,” for its second anniversary; and headlined by singers John Legend, Ed Sheerhan and Stevie Wonder for an International Happiest Playlist on its third birthday — there is both much more and much less under the hood.

The annual fête was modeled on Global Earth Day, April 22, and its date was chosen for March 20 because it’s the Spring Equinox, according to founder Jayme Illien, a former currency trader and now full-time globalist.

“The vernal equinox is a universal phenomenon felt around the world, and as such is a great day to celebrate happiness,” he told a college alumni magazine posted to his website.

The project was founded in 2008 by Illien, the CEO of Illien Global, and Ndaba Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s grandson. It went live in 2011 after getting the sign off from the UN’s 193 member countries and raising $1.5 million, probably from the UN, hit it big on launch in 2012, the year of the Mayan Apocalypse, and blossomed for a brief moment, each year’s celebration bigger than the last, as if the Happiness would never end.

The project’s message, according to its new “United Nations New World Order” website catching everyone’s eye, is that the Happiness Project has now gone full-on NWO, promoting the idea of the right to “happiness” as the new world order for humankind.

“Elevating happiness awareness as a fundamental human right and goal and as public policy objective into the mainstream,” in Illien’s words.

Patriots online took umbrage.

“The pursuit of happiness is a human right. Not happiness. This is communism in its purest form.”

It’s that slippery slope that’s so dangerous.

Another Patriot mom @miarubee was not so lucky, tying the NWO to a certain numbered Reich — her account was quickly suspended, but her words were out:

“I think my step daughter is an art director for the UNs marketing partner. I saw that multi colored logo at her office in Manhattan and just about fainted. It was like finding out she works for the 3rd Reich. Except it’s the 4th Reich… and a very sophisticated machine.”

Below is their 2015 report. It’s eight essays on the theme written by the great and good.


And here is how the agenda has advanced for 2020, complete with global rankings and technocratic rumblings — it’s no longer about liberty, just forced happiness. We are #18.


How serious are these guys and is this really working? Well, think about the octopus that is the U.N. — a surprising, but then not surprising, place where the Happiness Initiative shows up is in the British Embassy’s English language for kids curriculum worksheets, available online. This is how it spreads.


The project’s big achievement, before encouraging its public displays of #Happiness, was to garner the support of 193 member nations of the UN to get that resolution. (Sort of like when someone tells you 17 intelligence agencies believe the Russia hoax…) 2012’s UN Resolution 66/281 which established March 20 each year as an International Day of Happiness.

It’s pushing the UN’s global goals for Sustainable Development by 2030 (ultimately, a tax scheme to be paid for by the U.S.), and the happiness, well-being, and freedom of all life on Earth by 2050 (well, certainly, not going to happen via these guys!)

But now, the new website seems to reflect a push from adding to the conversation to becoming its own new brand of fuzzy economics.

Beyond the 2030 and 2050 goals and the Happiness Day, there’s a third side to this pyramid, truly shaping up to be a scheme of its own:

Happytalism — “a new economic paradigm which places happiness, well-being, and freedom at the center of human development models, systems, and all life.”

From their press release announcing Happytalism last Summer:

Ndaba Mandela, UN AIDS Global Ambassador and co founder United Nations New Economic Paradigm Project:

“Let us join together and unlock the limitless potential of all of us. Let us cast off the chains of the tyranny of the status quo, and the obsolete systems of capitalism and socialism, and, let us adopt and implement HAPPYTALISM, a more advanced, holistic, and comprehensive economic genus and human development paradigm, which places the primacy of happiness, well-being, and freedom at the center of economic and human development, and all life, and seeks as it’s ultimate end, the global happiness, wellbeing, and freedom of every human being on the planet by 2050.”

Jayme Illien, Founder and CEO of the United Nations New Economic Paradigm Project:

“HAPPYTALISM is informed through the entirety of economic, political, and social models, systems, political philosophies, and theories that have come and gone throughout human history, such as capitalism, socialism, communism, mercantilism, and feudalism, among others. HAPPYTALISM is uniquely grounded in the timeless wisdom of all of the great sages of humanity, as well as the great philosophers, political scientists, business, economic, and spiritual leaders, and the preeminent academics and epistemic community of experts in the field of happiness, well-being, and more broadly, human development and the human condition.”

What do we have here then? Masked as a peace-seeking Kumbaya org, in reality, Illien Global is just another cover for international communism, with the United Nations pushing far from its offices on the Hudson River to enlist pop stars and hashtags world over.

The entity’s goals and objectives are crafted to be palatable to humanity’s global psyche, but are actually a means to deceive people.

The aim is always to fool you to give up your civil rights to an unelected board who makes decisions for “the collective” — ultimately, the direction, whether it’s mandatory happiness or to invade Ukraine, is chosen by people without your interests at heart and dictated by those who’ve lent them the money. And it’s not us.

It’s the NWO.

In true UN style, the Happiness concept being thrust on the world is imported from one of its tiniest countries, Bhutan, and, what’s worse for freedom lovers everywhere, as an allegory from a monarch.

Gross National Happiness (GNH) started as a campfire story by Bhutan’s King, in the 1970s; became his rebuttal to a gotcha press, in 1979; a headline in the Financial Times, in 1987; a formal answer to the Asian Financial crisis, in 1998; to its own string of conferences, starting in 2004; and the UN resolution in 2011, at which point its gauntlet was picked up by the current characters.

According to a now lost internet profile:

“Those were the days when the king mostly toured the country on horseback and mingled with the people around campfires at night and drank water from natural springs. At almost every meeting with the civil servants and the people, His Majesty outlined his vision for the country with the same message. He was never tired of reiterating that collective happiness of the people was his ultimate goal.”

“Explaining why it is difficult to pin down an exact date where he gave birth to the idea of GNH, (Prime Minister) Jigme Y. Thinley said, ‘At that time, it did not strike most of us as an extraordinarily wise and unique statement as it has now become. We all took it as something obvious and it wasn’t taken as an extraordinarily unique statement.'”

“His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck inadvertently christened his philosophy in 1979 at Bombay airport when he was returning from the sixth Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit in Havana. Giving a rare interview to group of Indian journalists, one reporter asked ‘We do not know anything about Bhutan. What is your Gross National Product?’ His Majesty said ‘We do not believe in Gross National Product.’ He added ‘because Gross National Happiness is more important.'”

“Eight years later on May 2, 1987, John Elliott of the Financial Times of London published an article ‘The Modern Path to Enlightenment’ in their weekend edition called the Weekend FT. It was the first news article ever to highlight GNH as a development philosophy propagated by His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck. His Majesty is quoted in the article saying ‘We are convinced we must aim for contentment and happiness.'”

There’s two jokes here. The first is that in the law of small numbers, everything is interesting, but none of it is relevant.

In this last generation, since 1980, Bhutan’s GDP has multiplied by 18 times (!!!), but that’s just up to $2.5 billion today, as much as one new UN skyscraper in New York City; in that time, subjects of the kingdom went from earning $10 per week, to $10 per day — big whoop, still peasants. At least their charts grow in the right direction.

The other joke, which is more terrifying, if not just more sardonic, is that Bhutan’s also been accused of using the notion of Gross Domestic Happiness as smoke and mirrors.

The charge: for 30+ years, covering up the ethnic cleansing of its non-Buddhist population of ethnic Nepalese of Hindu faith, a sixth of Bhutan’s population.

From Human Rights Watch, in 2008:

In the late 1980s Bhutanese elites regarded a growing ethnic Nepali population as a demographic and cultural threat. The government enacted discriminatory citizenship laws directed against ethnic Nepalis, that stripped about one-sixth of the population of their citizenship and paved the way for their expulsion.

After a campaign of harassment that escalated in the early 1990s, Bhutanese security forces began expelling people, first making them sign forms renouncing claims to their homes and homeland.

Today, about 108,000 of these stateless Bhutanese are living in seven refugee camps in Nepal. The Bhutanese authorities have not allowed a single refugee to return. In 2006, the US government, seeing an impasse, offered to resettle 60,000 of the Bhutanese refugees

And where there’s smoke, and there’s no fire, only more flim flam and poppycock, there is lots in common with this new project, too.

This is also where the ra-ra tale of the UN NWO gets murky.

The website is not owned by the UN, but registered to Illien Global Public Benefit Corporation, New York, according to Whois.

Illien Global’s UNWWO website promotes world happiness and is chock-a-block with United Nations logos, against the backdrop of the United Nations building, and it’s own website tells the story of how they got there.

UNNWO via Illien Global is not the brainchild of a fuzzy globalist PR outfit, as you might think; the company started 40 years ago as a child adoption agency that placed 2,000 children and suddenly lost its license in 2016.

Illien Adoptions International, Inc. was formed in 1980 by Anna Illien, a French linguist and nurse, according to this lost version of her bio from 2019 as the adoption website is gone.

Her academic background is as follows: PhD studies at University of California at Berkeley, California, and Columbia University in New York City, NY. MA from Middlebury College School of Languages in Middlebury, Vermont; BS in French from Columbia University, New York City, NY; Diplome de la langue francaise from the Sorbonne in Paris, France, Diploma of Nursing from Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing, Baltimore, Maryland. She is a Registered Nurse, fluent in French, some Spanish. She taught French at Columbia University in New York City, NY at the University of California at Berkeley, CA, and at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA.

Her eureka moment was when she went to Calcutta to adopt a son named Adam from Mother Theresa’s orphanage — long suspected and finally accused, in 2018, of child trafficking.

She renamed him Jayme — this link to a 2016 archive of the Illien Adoptions website has Jayme and other outreach employees on the team.

This chiseled fellow prattles on in promotional clips, noticeably more buffed since his first photos on the globalist gravy train in 2013, here at UN headquarters.

And who is this boy wonder? He graduated from the Memphis University School, then went for a posh degree from Tufts, a bucolic New England kindergarten for globalists, where he did economics and international relations, and participated in its special “model UN”-style conference series and networking program.

The university, with its Fletcher School of Foreign Affairs, is a weigh station for globalists on pause or on the make, and it’s worth adding that its Economics Dept. includes one Neva R. Goodwin, David Rockefeller’s daughter, an expert in the bad-faith math encouraged by her father, the unelected master of the NWO for a half century.

Here’s a doozy of a paper, scrubbed from the web, that Dr. Goodwin (that’s her middle name) wrote in 2010. The first sentence is an awful mouthful:

The critical role for economic theory is no longer simply to explain how the existing system works, but also to explore how the economic system can be changed to become more adaptive and resilient in the face of the challenges of the twenty-first century, and how it can be more directly designed to support human well-being, in the present and the future.


Before young Jayme dedicated his life to encouraging the smile, he did half a dozen years in foreign exchange banking.

He graduated into a job in digital foreign exchange trading that was acquired by global money laundering juggernaut Deutsche Bank, and he went on to lead a similar business.

Comfortably well-off, perhaps, or ready for his main role on the world’s stage, Jayme joined up as a recruit for the CIA, and then walked away once he landed an advisory role, inside the UN where he helped out on multiple desks and then set up the Happiness party.

As a UN road warrior, he met Her Royal Highness Princess Kesang Choden Wangchuk of the Kingdom of Bhutan and also has some fluff speaking engagements, meeting Bernie Sanders, before which his spokesperson was diligent enough to add boilerplate and ring the right bells about 2016 election “purity and sanctity.”

“On the topic of American politics, Mr Illien would like to express his profound concern vis-à-vis the purity and sanctity of U.S. government institutions in the context of alleged foreign intervention in the 2016 US elections, alleged collusion with a candidate for the office of U.S. President, and alleged potentially unethical and/ or ‘rigged’ influence over party nominations exercised by a candidate for U.S. President,’ said Sydney Kyle, a spokeswoman for Diplomatic Advisors International.”

He was also caught in crossfire, arriving shortly after a convoy of UN aid workers were killed in Syria. We know because he sent out a press release.

Jayme’s also apparently keeping his hand in the money game, as a backer for financial AI startups galore, including one with a most flim-flam website, Morpheum, perhaps coyly named for Morpheus, Neo’s guide against The Matrix in the movie.

This is all pieced together from online footprint that was wiped this weekend, after Patriot frogs, denizens of 4chan, started in with their bullfrog croaks.

One noticed his extensive personal Wikipedia wasn’t just edited, but completely eliminated, and by an admin with NSA-level encryption and a twitter page with a pinned tweet for reverse “Brexit”, the globalist “Breturn.”

Another 4chan frog summed it up nicely:

“So basically the CIA had an operative, who makes cashless automated society founding an international ministry of happiness called the NWO with doublespeak.”

Of course, it could also be not that exciting, as the opposite looks just as true.

His online crumbs are really just PR company fodder, all looks like burnished to such a shine to elevate a nobody into somebody shiny enough to be on the UN stage.

And rather than have him caught in PR exaggerations, better to just clean up the trail.

Was he really shot at in Syria, like Hillary Clinton claimed in Bosnia? Did he really do covert operations, or was it that he dropped out or was asked to leave after training began? Any, the UN was more of his destiny. And, if he really is CIA (doubtful) then what better cover than to be international ambassador of Happiness?

Or, is he as some of the 4chan denizens feared — a man from nowhere named Adam, rescued from the streets by Mother Theresa, becomes inexplicably wealthy and unleashes the NWO Happiness manifesto on a guileless humanity in the time of Great Tribulation?

A few of these ragged edges can’t be smoothed.

For the conspiracy minded, it has it all: NWO, communist fascism disguised as globalist Kwanzaa (another “fake” holiday, FYI), Mother Theresa’s orphanage (investigated for human trafficking), and what happened to his mom’s company?

The State Dept. said the company violated 22 CFR Part 96.27 which could be related to having hidden ownership, bad partners or, simply, a bureaucratic kerfuffle over bad paperwork, but the harshness of the sentence, full revocation without possibility for appeal, makes it seem like a serious case.

Despite Jayme’s fortune, the mom’s adoption storefront ran an unsuccessful GoFundme to raise $20,000 (they got to $15,000) to “bail out” an Ethiopian partner and now was stuck having to close and be in debt.

Why didn’t Jayme pick up the tab, or maybe he did in the end?

Either way, the adoption agency got shut down quick and disappeared into the Happiness pump and dump. All the companies are registered at the mom’s old house in Georgia.

The whole thing is just complete poppycock.

Patriots stand firm.

You don’t need to comply with the Happiness zombies; better, support the movement to defrock the UN, share these memes instead of their smiles.

People are saying the UN building would be a great place for the next presidential library.

Why not? Smile at the notion.


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