Black New York MAGA Rallies at Trump Tower as BLM Celebrates Fifth Avenue Mural

The battle lines were drawn in New York over the weekend as supporters of Black Lives Matter clashed with Trump’s MAGA supporters during demonstrations throughout the city.

At a “Turn NY Red” rally in support of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, Christopher Wright, aka Black Conservative in New York on YouTube, told Trump supporters on Sunday that it was Democrats focusing on race who are the real racists.

He accused the Democrats of using tactics of projection to point fingers at others, namely Republicans and conservatives, while committing those very offenses themselves.

In a city where only the bravest dare don the red cap, dozens made it to the event, though, nationwide, thousands supported them on social media.

Last week, the pavement in front of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue was painted over with a Black Lives Matter mural and, on Sunday, hosted Trump supporters voicing their displeasure and concern with the Communist-laden organization and message.

Sunday’s event was the highlight, but, the day before, in the same location, a dozen Trump supporters carrying signs that read ‘Trump 2020’ and wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the words ‘All Lives Matter’ in front of Trump Tower clashed with BLM supporters there for the opposite reason.

Outside Manhattan, nearly 400 people demonstrated their support of the police department with ‘Back the Blue’ signs among around 20 supporters of the ‘defund the police’ movement in a contest of wills that became tense.

As things heated up between the two groups, a few hand gestures and strong words were exchanged but there did not appear to be any violent incidents or arrests.

The resurgence of the right comes as New Yorkers wake up to the fact that their city has been ruined by incompetent Democratic leaders who have allowed lawlessness and politics drive the city into total chaos and destruction.

People are moving out of the city to escape the mess that is now New York City — a once thriving and bustling icon of Americana brought to its knees because of political posturing by Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio. Those that haven’t moved out are feeling the painful consequences of having incompetent Democratic leadership running their city and state.

The duo have mishandled everything from the Coronavirus outbreak, to returning patients to nursing homes with the otherwise healthy elderly patients to infect them all, and culminating with their defund the police agenda while simultaneously allowing lawlessness to run rampant in the city and releasing violent offenders back into the public.

The two politicians have attempted to place blame onto Trump and the federal government but most New Yorkers have realized the consequences first-hand of the true nature of the decline of New York in such a short time.

New Yorkers who love their great city have grown weary of the lies and deceit that their governor and mayor have tried to keep pushing under the false narrative and finally see through the charade.

The silent majority, in New York, as elsewhere in Liberal America, once blue, is now turning a very deep shade of red, much of it from anger, as well as a change of political affiliation.


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