Noose Tightens Around ANTIFA: AG Barr Arrests 51 for Federal Crimes

Attorney General William Barr on Thursday said that the Department of Justice made 51 arrests for Federal Crimes relating to riots at protests across the country over the death of George Floyd.

Rather than charging protestors with rioting, officials at the Department of Justice said the charges were more specific: assault and battery; breaking and entering; and destruction of property because they were more specific.

Crimes range from breaking into a bank, destroying federal property such as police vehicles and defacing national monuments as well as physical violence on police officers.

Most agitators came from outside the community, indicating a national level of coordination, investigators said.

The arrests come days after Barr declared ANTIFA as a terrorist organization which allowed for the Federal government and FBI to track their activities and make arrests.

“While many have peacefully expressed their anger and grief, others have hijacked protests to engage in lawlessness—violent rioting and arson, looting of businesses and public property, assaults on law enforcement officers and innocent people, and even the murder of a federal agent,” AG William Barr told reporters.

“Such senseless acts of anarchy are not exercises of First Amendment rights; they are crimes designed to terrify fellow citizens and intimidate communities,” Barr said.

Three different sets of actors have been noted at the demonstrations; Barr mentioned peaceful protesters exercising their First Amendment rights, groups exploiting the opportunity to engage in looting, and extremists agitators who have “hijacked” the protests to pursue their own agendas. He said that there is evidence that the last group is to be blamed for the violent activity.

“We have evidence that Antifa and other similar extremist groups, as well as actors of a variety of different political persuasions, have been involved in instigating and participating in the violent activity,” he said. “We are also seeing foreign actors playing all sides to exacerbate the violence.”

There are several groups involved with directly funding ANTIFA with items and services. These groups post bail for those arrested, provide pallets of bricks at the demonstrations, provide the funding for the instigators to go into the crowd to incite the riots and looting and also provide scouting as lookouts for law enforcement and for willing participants.

“You see the hallmarks… We’re trying to see if there’s a coordinated command and control, you see those bread crumbs and that’s what we’re trying to verify,” an unnamed DOJ official told FOX News.

Another unnamed DOJ official said the Feds have seen signs of “very organized” coordination from “professional” agitators, some linked to Antifa.

New York’s top terrorism cop, Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller, detailed his office’s analysis and investigation into why the New York City protests have become so violent and damaging at times.

“No. 1, before the protests began,” Miller said, “organizers of certain anarchist groups set out to raise bail money and people who would be responsible to be raising bail money, they set out to recruit medics and medical teams with gear to deploy in anticipation of violent interactions with police.”

“And they developed a complex network of bicycle scouts to move ahead of demonstrators in different directions of where police were and where police were not for purposes of being able to direct groups from the larger group to places where they could commit acts of vandalism including the torching of police vehicles and Molotov cocktails where they thought officers would not be.”

And in several other cities around the nation, law enforcement authorities have found bricks staged at or near protest sites.

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has publicly acknowledged that there has been “an organized effort” to turn the protests over George Floyd’s death “into something violent” in her city…

She said she’s asked the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives and the U.S. Attorney’s office for help, with a focus on AFT’s bomb and arson unit in the effort to quell the riots.

“There is no doubt. This was an organized effort last night,” she said. “There were clearly efforts to subvert the peaceful process and make it into something violent.”

Kansas City police officers found bricks and rocks staged near protest sites around the city, stoking concerns that individuals or groups had pre-planned looting and destruction that hit the city over the weekend, the department said Sunday.

New York Police Department Commissioner Dermot F. Shea said Wednesday that some of plastic bottles that have been thrown at police are often filled with cement. He also described multiple incidents of Molotov cocktails thrown at buildings with people inside.

The fact that huge piles of pre-staged bricks are suddenly showing up at protest locations all over America indicates a level of planning and coordination at a very high level.


Part of the manner in which Barr and the DoJ hope to continue to round up ANTIFA will be to track their social media accounts and the funding sources that aided the activities such as providing the pallets of bricks and the bail funding operations.

Some of the groups determined to be funding ANTIFA that have been tracked through social media are:

    • BlackOUT Collective
    • Re:Power
    • Emancipate NC (Freedom Fighter Bond Fund)
    • YWCA of Baton Rouge
    • The Detroit Bail Project
    • Black Lives Matter Global Project
    • Know Your Rights Camp
    • Campaign Zero
    • Black Voters Matter Fund
    • Color of Change Education Fund
    • Black & Pink
    • New Georgia Project
    • Austin Justice Coalition
    • Pure Justice
    • Community Advocates for Just and Moral Governance
    • Your Good, Sis
    • Cincinnati Bail Fund
    • Believers Bail Out
    • ***Unicorn Riot***
    • Color of Change Education Fund
    • BYP 100

Antifa is well known to be a George Soros and Clinton backed organization that exploits African Americans every election cycle in order to garner enough momentum from misinformed minority voters to attempt to sway the election in the favor of the Democratic vote.

The well-informed voter knows that the Democratic party, since John F. Kennedy was assassinated, has failed to deliver on promises to minorities. That is why subversive tactics such as ANTIFA can play on the emotions of the misinformed.

By making ANTIFA a terrorist organization, Barr has taken away a strategic weapon being leveraged by the Democratic Party to sway voters.

Violence and scare tactics need to be removed from the public square and the democratic process must be upheld in the next 150 days as America races to the November elections.


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  1. As long as these groups (ANTIFA, etc) are receiving funding for bailouts and rioting, they will continue to flourish. These groups should be officially classified as domestic terrorists, and supporting them financially should be criminalized. Posting bail for accused terrorists should be disallowed. Going further, if a person is arrested for terrorist activities, bail should be denied and the person turned over for trial in Federal court. Terrorism is a federal offense, and all federal laws should apply. Furthermore, peaceful protesters should reject any participation from terrorist groups and should assist the police in rounding up any agitators and terrorist activists. If peaceful protesters embrace the participation of ANTIFA and other activist terrorist groups, they will lose the sympathy of the people, and the people will stop supporting them.

  2. ABSOLUTELY, Soros gave 100 Million to BLM alone. Together with The New World Order Globalists, & Many, Many, others including the BROADCAST BOARD OF MEDIA, a Government Funded Agency, THAT 24/7 SINGS the attributes of ANARCHY out to the basically white “Marxist” products of our universities, (pathetic examples of what can happen to a country, if it NEGLECTS to infuse its youth with ITS HISTORY. The NDAA (National Defense Administration Act) SPELLS OUT IN DETAIL the prosecution to be METED OUT to “Domestic Terrorists” We’re WAITING AG BARR.


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