NYC: Refuses National Guard, Refuses Curfew, De Blasio’s Daughter Arrested in Chaos

New Yorkers woke up on Monday morning to a city descended into chaos, as peaceful, but rowdy, marches on Sunday evening turned into looting gangs overnight that took the luxury SoHo shopping district, beginning with the Rolex store.

The looting was unparalleled since the ravages of the crack epidemic in the 1980s, and never in such a high-end district, where ground floor retail spaces rent for $500 per square foot per year.

While the spectacle of Rolex being destroyed may have been a delight for many, the store, shut now for two months, had all of its valuables locked up. Less secure were the fashion and sneaker stores along Broadway also destroyed by the mob.

Residents were still scratching their heads at Mayor Bill de Blasio’s response, or lack thereof, hoping he would use the Monday morning press conference to announce major steps in controlling the rioters.

One of the miscreants thrown into the paddywagon was the Mayor’s own daughter, as the New York Post reported:

Chiara gave a residence on East End Avenue as her address — otherwise known as Gracie Mansion, the mayor’s Upper East Side home. But she didn’t tell cops she was the mayor’s daughter.

Chiara de Blasio at her brother’s college graduation in 2019. Douglas Healey / New York Post

She was released with a court summons.

So far, de Blasio has refused to call in the National Guard or enact a city-wide curfew. Taken with his other decisions, including releasing Riker Island prisoners to the streets — he let 1,400 walk out of 5,400 locked up — and curtailing the four-times weekly street sweeping to once a month, it’s all come together as a recipe for destruction of a once great city.

The outcome is many more homeless sleeping on the streets — because where else would a parolee go in a pandemic when the whole city is closed? People sleeping rough on full mattresses in front of closed parks, urinating everywhere and the piss stench in the hot sun is overpowering. That, and lots of dead rats, carcasses lingering for weeks.

Beyond the looting, the larger picture of running deficits and using the pandemic to force the Federal government to cover the city’s mismanagement, is not lost on residents. It’s enough, New Yorkers are crying.

De Blasio’s rise to public office was on the coattails of the Clintons, who he was named to serve in 1997, as the regional director for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for New York and New Jersey under the administration of Democratic President Bill Clinton.


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