‘Occupy the White House’ Promises a September to Remember

September in the Swamp, wouldn’t you know?

Seattle’s CHOP/CHAZ catalyst caused July to do anything but fly, while August continues to rush in hot with Portland’s sustained 70+ days of unrest. Cities across the country are assaulted each day by anarchists who continue to burn, loot, and murder.

Black Lives Matter has promoted ‘Black August’ while far-left Antifa anarchists continue to ‘burn down the system’. The Radical Left pushes its minions to burn cities to the ground, loot for reparations, and commit racist murder under the guise of anti-racism, which in itself is racism. It’s hard to tell these days which is the pot and which is the kettle.

Adbusters adds to the national chaos with their promise to lay siege and ‘Occupy the White House’ on September 17th, which just so happens to be Constitution Day.

The group of artists, activists, writers, students and educators which has been credited with creating the Occupy Wall Street Movement in 2011 when it “occupied” Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan intends to siege the White House and occupy it for 50 days.

“It’s time again for dramatic, decisive action. Which is why, on September 17th, in the original and enduring spirit of Occupy, we and tens of thousands of our fellow citizens will stream into Lafayette Square, in Washington. D.C.,” according to Adbusters.

The group’s fifty-day siege plans to run right up to the November 3rd election, according to its Tactical Briefing #1.

Now yet another group, ShutDownDC, has its own plans for an election meltdown and will work in concert with Adbusters. In response to Adbusters, the group tweeted their plans.

Far left radicalism is nothing new to this country. Splinter groups calling for “revolution” vie for attention across social media platforms and promise utopia when their goals are met. Their pleas for support from the naïve and uninformed drip with irony, as additional ways that the groups machinate to separate people from their money, just like Wall Street does. Oppress the oppressors while oppressing supporters, all under the jagged façade of peaceful occupation, while picking the pockets of the nation’s vulnerable.

Occupy Wall Street’s tentacles have slithered silently through the primordial ooze of the Swamp for years, permeating communities and corrupting young impressionable minds under the guise of social justice and equality. Once again, the Swamp creature raises its ugly head.

The revolutionary organization’s plan to occupy the President’s residence entered its final phase a year ago, unbeknownst to Americans who have been too busy making a living and raising their families to lend any serious credence to the “loony left”.

What is being promoted as non-violent revolution portends to be anything but, as evidenced by the ratcheting of emotions to defund police departments and the escalation of unfettered carnage and destruction in cities across America.

The nation has endured the Summer of Love, which will likely Fall from Grace with a resounding thud into the Left’s Winter of Discontent. Think about it. Who in their right minds would go up against a man who can answer the question, “You and what Army?”

In furtherance of the Left’s ultimate goal of global conquest, enough will never be enough. When this is over, their fight for “equal justice” will find newer progressive goals for their minions to achieve for them. These radical toadies haven’t yet realized that the ones who are making the rules of the game don’t even have pieces on the board. They’ll never learn.

Get your popcorn ready. The nation will be inundated with live-streamed scenes of the siege of the White House. If we know President Trump, the nation’s response will be epic.

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders rallied in Union Square Park and marched on Broadway to Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan on February 27, 2016. (Photo by Albin Lohr-Jones/ Sipa via AP Images)


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  1. If I were in charge of W H security, I would hold back until they took a stance on W H grounds. Then would be the time to close the gates and take everyone to jail. If they made the mistake of resisting arrest, the guards would have permission to use “ample force” to subdue them.


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