ONLY IN 2020: Abigail Adams Vows to Remove Christopher Columbus 

Columbus, Wis. Resident Abigail Adams’ petition to remove the statue of Christopher Columbus at Hwy. 16 and Hwy 151 has culminated yesterday’s vote by the Columbus Common Council’s 4-1 vote in favor of removing the statue, according to NBC15 WMTV.

Adams, who attributes her inspiration for the petition to the Black Lives Matter movement, acknowledges that not all Columbus residents are on board with the idea of erasing their town’s history.

Many fail to see the dramatic irony of the situation because they do not know who the country’s first Abigail Adams (the patriot is) or who the current 15-year-old Abigail Adams (historical revisionist) is; their political agendas run the gamut of the spirit of revolution.

Unlike the original patriot and wife of the second President of the United States and mother of the sixth President of the United States whose revolutionary spirit firmly supported the country’s movement for independence, the current revisionist Abigail Adams leans toward socialistic political correctness run amok.

Adams calls Columbus a villain, diminishing his heroic acts of braving the high seas, forging into the unknown in search of new lands and resources. When viewed through the lens of the times, Columbus’ ideals of his divinely-guided mission were clouded by the responsibility of reigning in his crew, whose actions were even questionable for the times. But, Columbus died a broken man, despite his contributions to the discovery of the New World.

The other, also revisionist, but probably true story of Columbus and his voyage of 1492 was that he was trying to escape the Spanish Inquisition, that he was a crypto-Jew and this was to be the New World, indeed.

But viewing his contributions through today’s liberal lens, Columbus is nothing but a maniacal racist whose only goal was to plunder and pillage and subjugate indigenous peoples. To say that he was a flawed man is an understatement; their zeal to vilify and erase Columbus negates any contribution that the explorer has made to the advancement and evolution of global civilization.

Without the stumbling blocks of the past, America would not be “the shining City on the Hill” that it is today. Statues remind us of this.

“A lot of people think that what I’m trying to do here is erase our history, trying to take away a piece of the city of Columbus,” she said, adding that was not what she was trying to do. Unlike her patriotic predecessor, that’s exactly what she is doing.

According to the WMTV report, the Columbus statue will be moved into temporary storage, eventually to be used for educational purposes, the object lessons here to indoctrinate and socially divide future generations, if left to socialists.

Abigail Adams, wife of the Second President of the United States, John Adams, and mother of the sixth President of the United States, John Quincy Adams.


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