As rumors of Operation Death Blossom swirl around the internet, could it be the military operation that catches the rats in the trap after they’ve eaten the cheese? Or is another military op in play to counter the rising coup?

Democrats are brazenly violating voters’ rights and oversight by ejecting poll watchers from their premises. They are brazenly altering and destroying Trump ballots with impunity. They are pushing the envelope for Joe Biden by opening ballots and throwing Trump ballots in the trash.

But, what if patriots are in control?

Operation Death Blossom is American military slang from the war in Iraq: the tendency of Iraqi security forces, in response to receiving a little fire from the enemy, to either run away or do the “death blossom,” spraying fire indiscriminately in all directions.

So what is this amazing trap from which the Dems have taken the bait? When the Department of Homeland Security took over ballot production from the Voter Fraud Commission, the ballots were produced on heavy paper embedded with markers that differentiate official ballots from fake ballots. But state election officials were unaware. Voter fraud was first and foremost on their agendas.

The markers are indiscernible to the human eye, however the military knows what the markers are and how to see them. Democrats unknowingly printed up lots and lots of extras, filled them out, passed them out, brought them in, counted them, and took the bait. So many Democrats will fall, you’ll think the country’s watching a D-Con commercial.

In anticipation of foreign and domestic election interference, on September 12, 2018, President Donald J. Trump signed Executive Order 13848 on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.


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  1. Trump 2020. I love this man. I can love America again. I was soooo afraid it was going to the evil corupt dems. Thank you Thank you

  2. I only see this article reported on citizenfreepress.com. You made my day if this info is true. Why aren’t other wish conservative news sites reporting this information?

  3. I’m a UK citizen looking in at blatant electoral fraud by the Democrats and hoping that these corrupt people are brought to justice. Sadly, however, I am detecting nothing from President Trump’s statements regarding this fraud that leads me to believe that any kind of sting operation has taken place at his behest. Instead he seems to be talking about a lot of court actions around observers, absentee ballots, counting votes post-election, etc. Surely if the President had masterminded a great sting such as is described then now would be the time to publicly declare it and put an end to this criminal activity. I really, really hope I’m wrong but I don’t think there is any substance to this sting story.

    • The problem for him with the sting is the blue side won’t believe anything he says… so, he’ll just take it along to the court, like any other aggrieved American, each side will show the evidence, and then, once the court admits the evidence is real, and then they vote, 6-3, he wins. As to the mentality of the blue side, if there were a hard drive of evidence against the son of the candidate showing all sorts of blackmail and perversion and emails about billions coming from China, in any country in the world, that evidence would be front page. Yet, here, it’s somehow debunked Russian propaganda, not to mentioned in polite company… Anyway, we’re not polite here; I watched the videos, looked at the evidence, it is real and damning. Give him some time to tighten the noose.

      • Josiah
        Many thanks for your reply.

        I truly hope you’re right because the U.S. at present is the last bastion of democracy in the West, all other nations having fallen to cultural Marxism decades ago. Trump is hated the world over because he stands against the Communists who have infiltrated into every level of American society – hence the reason why the Biden laptop revelations are being suppressed. All Hell has been let loose against this President and if he loses this election by fraud then China is the new boss of the once-free world. It is that serious. I’ll keep on praying.

    • Martin Blackshaw…Do you let your enemy know your plan before you execute it? Think about it. It’s still in process. Let it play out. Let the enemy hang himself and he cannot escape. This is 100% credible. Even if it were not (?), no way is Trump going to let a bunch of evil crooks still an election when even without proof from the fist hand evidence, “we the people” know for a certainty that he had won. Fraud was obvious. We stand with him all the way!

  4. Wonder how many Demicriminals are going to Federal Prison? I am laughing. Told my brother yesterday, they could have protected against this by encrypting the ballots in the blockchain. They did! This is brilliant.

  5. Lol. Once again the internet comes up with a fantastic idea that WOULD have been brilliant but never actually happened. One final disappointment from president Perpetual Letdown on the way out the door.

  6. Well, in that case I guess we can all just relax, lean back and go back to our lives. They have it all under control! By the way I am still waiting for all the arrests from the last attempt at overthrowing our president. The revolution wasn’t won while they waited for the mean guys to be arrested. Wake up guys, this is our fight. We won’t win if we sit here and wait for someone to get arrested..what a bunch of BS.

    • Gotta be patient, Sun Tzu, pullback and let the enemy expend all of its ammunition, then tighten the noose. As in, claim you won the election, then bring out the evidence to show you fell into a trap aka the sting.

  7. Hi Guys

    (I am trying to share this info with as many friends, family… as possible. I noticed today that social media (YouTube) took down some Q related videos. Justice for them will be sweet).

    I know that everyone is in shock regarding the election results and media coverage SO FAR. RELAX – come in off the ledge – President Trump and his team have been preparing for this for a long time – he has said so publicly – and he is going to WIN this election.

    Trust your eyes and instincts. What you are seeing is like a movie – the good guys fighting the bad guys. There are both spiritual and physical world battles going on for the control of our country, hearts, minds and souls. As citizens we can sense this is going on, but it is hard to comprehend.

    Ask yourself, what really makes sense regarding the election…?

    The massive crowds, car and boat parades, total all-inclusive enthusiasm for President Trump – the man with passion for America and ALL Americans. The man with a HUGE record of success (best economy ever – lower taxes, cut bad regulations, made and making great trade deals, saved steel industry, brought back manufacturing, bringing back critical supply lines, MONSTER military power restored, SPACE Force, defeat ISIS and killed top terrorists, getting us out of the constant Middle-east wars, terminated the Iran “Obama pay-off” Treaty, walked out of fake-science climate change Paris Accord mess, UNPRECEDENTED peace treaties with Israel and others Middle-East nations, confronting Communist China as TRUE US/world threat, rough on Russia, multi $B collection from delinquent NATO nations, strong support for Christians and religious freedom, energy independence, 300 Constitutionalist judicial appointees, including 3 Supreme Court Justices, the WALL coupled with common-sense border and legal/illegal immigration policy, great policies for black and Hispanic (ALL) Americans (Criminal Justice reform – giving thousands of unfairly sentenced black (and white and Hispanic) inmates a second chance at the American Dream, Opportunity Zones with $100 billion of new private investment in poor communities, Guaranteed funding for HSBC’s – $360 million grant, Passed the FIRST STEP Act that includes significant reforms to address recidivism, Promotes School Choice – a long term key to educational success in poor communities, Hosts wonderful events at the White celebrating Black History Month, built over 400 miles of the border wall to keep out illegal aliens that 1) depress the job market and wages in poor communities, 2) suck out social service resources, and 3) increase crime (MS-13), Opposes abortion – which disproportionately kills black babies, and NOW the Platinum Plan that makes hundreds of $BILLIONS$ available capital for new business development…), massively lower drug prices, preemptive and protective policies against the Wuhan Virus, fought to keep America open for business, offered and provided help to mayors that accepted it to control Antifa/BLM riots, major pro-life, pro-military, pro-law enforcement, pro-vet… on and on… ALL while battling constant attacks and lies from the SWAMP and media (97% unfavorable reporting) – WITH MORE GREAT PRO-AMERICAN POLICIES/RESULTS COMING – promises made – promises kept.

    Basement dwelling, no-crowd support or public enthusiasm – MASSIVELY corrupt, sellout, hypocrite, 47 yr – no accomplishments DC bureaucrat creature, SLEEPY, CREEPY, RUDE, NASTY, LYING Joe Biden (and the no voter support, socialist, kiss-up Kamala) and the EVIL SWAMP forces made up of corrupt globalists, deep state, dark state, the socialist Democrats, Rhino Republicans, the main stream propaganda media, the high tech manipulative, information censoring, election suppression social media, as well as the Communist forces from outside and within our borders.

    These people have been at war with American independence and conservatives for years, and with President Trump since he entered into politics. They have committed major crimes of subversion and treason to protect their power and money making schemes. EVERYTHING they falsely claim President Trump of doing, they ARE doing themselves, and much, much worse. From Russia collusion, to Ukraine impeachment, to endless “anonymous” claims of scandalous activity, to false charges of racism… and everything else, THEY have lied to us non-stop (and sadly, many people have bought the lies).


    We are seeing them squeal before they are terminated. Enjoy President Trump and all the other good guys take care of this. God loves us, and hates evil – have FAITH!

  8. I know this is true .the president made it possible by closing down the agencies that have failed us and have socialist communist infiltrators. He had department of homeland security printed millions of ballots and supplied paper for prints that had security measures lol. The armed feds went in to get that evidence and democrats are finished so are the media and twitter and facebook . They are all going to be shot for treason or hanged. This is awesome .good work .this story is banned by favebook and twitter .your news feed got me 30 days of facebook jail.totaly know this is true .if you get facebook jail for sending a link to a news story then its true . Awesome .

    • I feel the same. We have watched as the left has been shown to have committed crimes that have yet to be prosecuted. What happened to Durham? What about Biden Inc? The Deep State seems to be winning. So sad. Durham needed to come out before the election. He needed to expose all the corruption and hand down indictments. I wanted to believe that Barr was on Trump’s side. That he would use his post to make sure they were brought to justice. What about Ratcliff? Who’s going to stand up and protect this election?

  9. I wish it was true but DHS does not print the ballots. Each state does their own and that is why there are so many different types of voting processes throughout the country. I don’t believe this to be true because of that. Time will tell and I hope it is but I wouldn’t put any money on it.

  10. Dale the watermark is in the paper not done in the printing. So we have to find out if the printers in the different states were supplied the paper . If not this theory is dead. If they were supplied the paper and did not order themselves then this is possible.

  11. In less than 2 months … Joe Biden will be your president. States print ballots, not the feds. States run elections, not the feds.

    • States print ballots, but feds oversee them, especially due to the new rules in place in 2018. Deny that they knew the steal in midterms 2018 and haven’t just lined this all up to be the ultimate reveal to awaken the RINOs and other sheep… Totally disagree, Biden is dead man walking. But. We. Shall. See.


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