OPINION: Supreme Court Civics, Politics and Bailiwicks

As Judge Amy Coney Barrett endures her confirmation hearing, Congressional Dems are playing politics once more, some segueing into bashing U.S. President Donald J. Trump just three weeks prior to the election.

Nothing that happens in Washington, D.C. happens by accident. Leaks that come from Congressional offices aren’t leaked by accident. Whenever the public is informed of secret machinations of elected officials, it doesn’t happen by accident. Every scenario is planned for a purpose; every move is a calculated maneuver to somebody’s benefit.

Every decision made in Congress is a quid pro quo. Rarely does the public get to see a straight up vote on important issues. Caveats are added to sweeten the pot and to “bring home the pork” to garner votes.

When Obamacare was passed in 2010, it was a whopping 2,700 pages and the public was supposed to have the opportunity to read it before the vote. Anybody who had a job and had to work for a living did not have time to read the massive tome prior to the vote. Democrats counted on that. Members of Congress did not read it prior to the vote.

As Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, “We’ve got to pass the bill so that we can see what’s in it.”

Everybody knows how that worked out. Obamacare was passed in March and by June, 30,000 pages were added to it. Nobody has read the bill in its entirety.

Maybe Congress should be required to make Congressional bills the length of the U.S. Constitution. It’s only eight pages. Anybody can read that … or everybody can read that.

But, that’s how politics works in Washington.

For the past several decades, elected officials have not acted out of civic duty for their constituents. They all follow their own agendas, acting with impunity while they siphon off millions from pork projects to feather their own nests.

Democrats placed vulnerable officials in positions where they all protected each other. That’s how Obamacare was passed when it’s clear to any average voting minion that the Affordable Care Act clearly violates the rights of millions of Americans.

No civic pride has been expressed by the socialist Left and its ecoanxiety and the Right’s neocons. Hawks and Doves.

But the tables have turned. Fifty years ago, Liberals touted individual freedoms and government protections for individual liberties. Now it’s all about control of the masses through the use of masks, social distancing and lockdowns. How hard is it to control more than 300 million people? The coronavirus planned maneuver has shown that it’s not difficult at all.

In its quest for power and control, the Left has thrown the Constitution out the window. “This might be what it says,” they say, “but that’s not what it means.” Really? What they’re saying is, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Every now and then an individual comes along to champion the cause of liberty for all Americans. President Trump is one of those individuals. He’s definitely not a politician; he’s rough around the edges; and he’s not accustomed to being told what to do. He can afford those attributes.

The fact that President Trump says what the majority of Americans are feeling is tearing up the Left, so pernicious lies just roll off of their tongues as they salivate at his demise.

“Trump will take away your Social Security.”

“Trump will make you lose your health insurance.”

“Trump is a Russian spy.”

“Trump lies to you everyday.”

No one has been held accountable for these lies and if they were to be legally challenged for their libel and slander, the lies would stop. Not until that accountability entails the Dems’ loss of money or freedom will the concept hit home and they know that their behavior is blatantly socially unacceptable.

Until then, politicians will scheme to deny Americans their First and Second Amendment rights because they are “outdated” or “antiquated,” in their opinions. Patriots will continue to fight for these rights.

The coup against the President continues, even though we’ve all had to endure the Russian hoax, impeachment proceedings, and threats of the use of the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. That is what they want: to remove the President office at all costs. And why?

Because the President knows exactly who these people are and the things they’ve done. He used to be in their “club” and once he discovered what they were all about, in elitist fashion, he removed himself from their hatred of America. No one can question his patriotism. He’s one of the elites and he says that we are elites now.

They hate him because he has betrayed them … and knows all of their secrets.

So where do the American people fit into the scenario of Trump vs. the Evil Empire? We don’t. Regardless of how we choose to vote, the Dems already have dreams and schemes in place to steal the election.

Will they succeed? Not likely, but they’re doing it just the same with no accountability for their actions.

So now Judge Barrett is under scrutiny like an ant under a magnifying glass. Why is this necessary when the votes are already there for confirming her as the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court?

Control of the narrative. Look here; not over here.



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