OPINION: Corona Virus, a Call to Duty for All Veterans

Most veterans faced FUBAR situations during time in the military, training to belay fears and carry on with missions. It’s time for us to use those skills to calm our families and neighbors.

Every healthy vet needs to step up and help our nation and people during this Coronavirus crisis by checking in on our neighbors and, especially, the elderly.

All medics should contact local hospitals and clinics and offer their services. If this crisis worsens, our health care workers will need additional trained help.

We should also call our VA hospitals and get contact information for at-risk veterans, checking up on those in your local area. This effort should be done in cooperation with state, local and federal authorities. Groups such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion Post should help and lead this effort.

Only veterans who do not have underlying health concerns should be out doing personal visits. Those who do have health concerns should only contact citizens by phone, email and social media. They can be directing the able-bodied to those who need supplies and other assistance. Everyone assisting must follow CDC healthcare procedures and emergency assistance guidelines.

It’s time for all Americans to step up and make sure we get through this Coronavirus crisis, but more importantly, we veterans need to step up and help our great country get through this national emergency with calm and as little pain as possible.

It’s time to serve our nation in this hour of need!

Mike Zumbluskas is a U.S. Air Force brat who served as a petroleum supply specialist in the U.S. Army’s Second and Third Cavalry units, charged with transporting and refueling tanks and helicopters, from 1984 to 1987 in Nuremberg, Germany, and Fort Bliss, Texas. As a civilian, Mike works as a resource management analyst for the New York City Department of Transportation.

For 25 years, he’s led voter registration and party enrollment drives and worked as a campaign adviser for Republican and Independent candidates, beginning with H. Ross Perot’s race for the presidency in 1992. Mike believes in “practical government that works for all” and reforming the electoral system. He is running for New York State Senate District 28 (New York City’s Upper East Side and Midtown East.) Follow his campaign.  


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