OPINION: DoD Slams The Gray Lady for Memorial Day Attack on Military

The New York Times is complicit in instilling yet another tenet of communism: erasing American history. This time, the DoD stood up for itself against this poison pen.

An editorial in Saturday’s New York Times accusing the U.S. military of “celebrating white supremacy” has drawn ire from the United States Department of Defense.

The Times Editorial Board argues that “it’s time to rename military bases after ‘American heroes, not racist traitors.’”

The Editorial Board wrote that “the federal government embraced the pillars of the white supremacist movement when it named military bases in the South.”

Memorial Day is an American holiday that is supposed to honor the American men and women who have died while in the service to the country. The blood of all who perished has been dyed into the fabric of the American tapestry and makes us who we are today.

“The NYT has more than a million possible stories of the ultimate sacrifice by American patriots that they could tell,” U.S. DoD press secretary Jonathan Hoffman tweeted, “But they don’t.”

Rather than express gratitude and celebrate the nation’s fallen heroes, Pravda on the Hudson has chosen to further the Left’s political agenda of dismantling American heritage and replacing it with revisionist history.

When those who gave the ultimate sacrifice should be heralded, The Times has chosen to take another stab at the heart of American lineage in the name of political correctness.

For years, liberal Democrats have pushed to remove from history and culture everything that is connected to the Confederate States of America. Instead of learning from the past, liberals want today’s youth to not even know that it happened.

The Confederate Purge is another way that the Democrats have found to change the national narrative and divide the country by trying to erase Southern heritage.

“The Department of Defense is the most divers meritocracy in the country and the most powerful force for good in world history We have many stories of valor still waiting to be told this Memorial Day weekend,” Pentagon spokesman Hoffman stated.

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  1. BOTH sides of the Civil War were AMERICANS. One side won. It would be exactly like Republicans fighting Democrats on the battlefield. Each side was defending AMERICA. The South was called THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA. Both sides “owned” slaves. So, who was wrong and who was right? Who was the hero, and who was the traitor? The heroes were the ones who WON. It would have been exactly the same if the South had won.


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