OPINION: Four Weeks Into Socialism and Bernie Bails: Military Spared

The Corona Virus pandemic of 2020 has given Americans a peek into the world of socialism, a test run.

They’ve experienced long lines for gas and food; they’ve encountered shortages and barren shelves in grocery stores; and states’ governors have by-passed the Constitution of the United States and have issued authoritarian orders which restrict people to their homes, have closed their schools, churches and businesses, taken away their jobs, and curtailed their freedom.

So, if socialism is such a great deal for America, why is Bernie Sanders (I-VT) throwing in the towel? What happened to his “revolution?”

We can thank the US Military as the force standing between America and socialism.

More than 3.5 million Military personnel have been spared adverse rhetoric and the loss of their jobs at the hands of this liberal, progressive Commander-in-Chief pretender.

“Maintaining a strong defense is a priority, but not the only priority. The exorbitant defense budget must be cut so we can spend that money on pressing domestic challenges,” according to Sanders.

As President, Sanders promised to ensure that all those with prior military service in every state and territory have access to the full complement of health care services they need to stay healthy and well.

Sanders has been in Congress almost three decades, even serving as the former Chair and longtime member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee. What exactly has he delivered?

Critical of President Donald Trump’s policy regarding the Veterans’ Administration, Sanders believes thatdue to serious underfunding, the VA’s infrastructure is crumbling and in vital need of repair. VA hospitals have gone without needed updates and maintenance, and outpatient clinics and Vet Centers have gone unopened.” As President, Sanders promised to invest at least $62 billion in the infrastructure needed to provide the cutting-edge health care services to veterans.

As a democratic socialist, Bernie Sanders has been pushing hard to become the Democratic nominee. Why? Does he not have enough faith in democratic socialism to campaign on his own ticket? Actions speak louder than words and the answer is a resounding, “No.”

In an online address to supporters Wednesday morning, Sanders said the pandemic precipitated his decision to suspend campaigning, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Voter anxiety over the virus is the force majeure that has given America’s premier socialist the ability to just walk away. According to NBC News, “the progressive majority that Sanders [touts and] needs doesn’t exist,” despite what his campaign is saying.

Speculation is that he could be getting a fourth house.


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