OPINION: ‘Fox is Fake’ so Was Metromedia, Murdoch Deep Stater for 50 Years

“FOX is fake” and so was Metromedia, the television and radio conglomerate founded by John Kluge that was rebranded by Rupert Murdoch, who has actually been a Deep State operative for a half century.

Over the weekend, FOX suffered a giant backlash from patriots who refused to tune in, opting for OANN or just reading tweets on their own, as the network came under fire for its pivotal move on the night of last week’s election for declaring Arizona a win for the Biden camp, even as many votes remained to be counted.

The ire was compounded by recent ugliness on air when Newt Gingrich pointed out that billionaire Democrat donor George Soros was personally many District Attorney races, and hosts stopped him in his tracks.

Other talking heads invited to Fox experienced the same censorship:

But the corruption at “America’s fourth network” goes far deeper.

In this masterful exposé, which we won’t attempt to summarize other than to give the highlights, Murdoch is complicit in a lifetime of deep state crimes.

From getting the nod from Britain’s MI-6 to step in for Ghislaine Maxwell’s dad Robert to take over the world’s largest English-speaking daily, to overthrowing the Australian government by publishing fake documents, at the behest of the CIA, to partnering with a drug dealer to control a subsidized airline, to being given carte blanch to buy up American newspapers, to his takeover of the New York Post, New York Magazine, the Village Voice and The Wall Street Journal, to being given U.S. citizenship to be able to buy Metromedia, a close look at his career screams clown operative. (The article also fingers Watergate journo Bob Woodward for his involvement with the spies!)

The big take away was that the left-right divide FOX always played up was a cover for Murdoch’s true intentions.

The war here is between patriot nationalists — the kind of family-oriented people who would prefer a hand vote at a local town meeting for every decision — versus globalists, who want a world where the nuclear family is destroyed through addiction, working poverty and welfare and effective control of society is by the mega corporations who straddle borders and whose executives answer to shareholders rather than voters.

What’s so glaring in that essay, and we’d never seen it reported before, was that FOX was built on top Metromedia, whose billionaire owner John Kluge, got his start in life as being the inside man in WWII responsible for handling the intake of Nazi generals who came here after the war. Kluge said, himself, that in the Army was where he met New World Order kingpin David Rockefeller, and a close reading of his trajectory shows that building up a giant media company (long before television, Kluge controlled dozens of the largest radio stations) to bottle up the truth behind the news.

Lying for the deep state was a good business plan. Not any more… just ask Murdoch’s sons who sold its cash cow movie portfolio to Disney and became big Biden supporters — due to their wives — in this election.

It’s too bad that some of FOX’s on-air talent are still fighting the good fight, namely Tucker Carlson, who now has the largest audience on cable television and hosted the former Navy Lieutenant and Biden family business CEO Tony Bobulinksi to accuse Hunter and Joe of being bribed by China, and Maria Bartiromo, who hosted all the President’s A-listers on her Sunday morning program yesterday to lay out the case against the vote stealing cabal.



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