OPINION: Seattle’s Summer of Love: Voters Will Remember CHAZ in November

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said that she didn’t know when the occupation of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone would end, but that the area could hold a “Summer of Love,” alluding to the summer of 1967 when the revolutionary movement of America’s counterculture, the hippies of the sixties, converged by the tens of thousands on San Francisco to attend the Monterey Pop Festival.

The area was taken over by force, at gunpoint and there have been multiple reports of businesses being ‘taxed’ by individuals and groups within the area in order to be allowed to stay in business.

“The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone #CHAZ is not a lawless wasteland of anarchist insurrection – it is a peaceful expression of our community’s collective grief and their desire to build a better world. Given his track record, it’s not hard to believe that Trump is wrong, yet again,” Durkan said on Twitter.

“For the thousands of individuals who have been on Capitol Hill, I think you’ve seen what I’ve seen: The painting of Black Lives Matter along Pine Street, food trucks, spaghetti potlucks, teach-ins, and movies.”

But, now it seems that thousands disagree. Americans see the violent takeover of a once-beautiful American city … and the cancer is spreading. Defunding the Seattle Police Department is only one of their demands. What cannot be accomplished by peaceful protest is being implemented through armed violence and force.

For those who remember the Summer of Love, CHAZ pales in comparison. The home of the Little Red School House, whose students now ride the short bus, has been overrun and occupied by anarchists who employ threats and violence against any and all who defy them.

They want a world without borders, yet they have fenced off city blocks and placed ‘No Trespassing’ signs. Money is extorted from businesses in exchange for perceived protection–from the anarchists themselves, and they exploit minors to do their bidding. The armed Resistance rules with thugs carrying AR-15s.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone no longer considers itself a part of America, and outsiders are not welcomed, all with the blessings of Seattle’s elected officials. While proponents of the illegal takeover of public property try to project ideologies of peace and harmony with a Summer of Love festival atmosphere, dark influences are at work in the first of several impending occupations across the nation.

During the summer of 1967, America’s youth arrived in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district, as Scott McKenzie’s promotional song advised, “be sure to wear flowers in your hair.” The city was different then. A Beat generation of bohemian poets and writers, referred to as Beatniks, developed during the early sixties with such notables as Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsburg.

The baton was passed to the hippies who gathered en masse in Golden Gate Park to rebel against their parents’ conservative social values, the Vietnam War, and the rules of the Establishment. As America’s youth had no cell phones or computers, music was the medium by which young people spread their messages of communal living, decentralization of politics, and environmental awareness among their following.

Drugs were abundant. LSD was not illegal at the time and the hippies’ credo “Make Love, Not War” was immediately recognizable to all of those who were “on the bus.” Dr. Timothy Leary was there to guide the newcomers to the movement, encouraging them to “tune in, turn on, and drop out.”

The Summer of Love continued to be one great big “love in” where the young people of America experimented with drugs and a new set of mores. But, as with the Antifa occupation of Seattle, it will go the way of the Summer of Love.

The Deep State was alive and well, covertly following their plan for the destruction of America. Drugs in San Francisco were directly brought in via CIA, the goal being to destroy families, weaken social cohesion, and do it in a way the kids thought they were being cool. The parallel here is that the riots, racism, social discontent and anarchy is a colossal Deep State op. The movement is heavily funded by Soro-backed organizations with deep pockets.

By the fall of 1967, the magical summer was over and hopes were dashed as hippies faced a reality of a long, cold winter of discontent. “Free love” and “drugs, sex, and rock and roll” saw a rise in San Francisco’s crime rate. The neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury became a haven for the drug-addicted, runaways and the homeless and the neighborhood quickly deteriorated.

The same thing will happen in Seattle. Their reality check has already bounced and some of the protesters are now rethinking their positions and feel they are being held hostage to a regime that wants to control what they think, what they say, and how they live.

Already, followers of the Resistance are disillusioned because the homeless who were invited in stole their food and now the protesters have nothing to eat. Warlords hijacked the movement only five hours after the occupation began and the protesters were subjugated. Rapes, robberies, and assaults have tripled in the area, according to SPD news reports.

So much for Seattle’s not-so-sweet surrender.

The turmoil surrounding the occupation and disintegration of downtown Seattle is projected to guarantee a Red Wave victory for President Donald J. Trump this fall. Deep State operatives are depending on Americans to have the memories of goldfish, but conservatives across the nation will show the left that elephants never forget.

Democrats are working overtime pushing riots, destruction of public property, and general anarchy across the nation. The recent desecration and removal of Confederate statues and other historic monuments show how desperate they are to erase their history — the Dems were those very politicians, memorialized in stone for their barbarity.

If voters don’t have reminders of the past, they will forget it. But, the danger here is that if they forget it and a new generation never knows it, then they’re bound to repeat those horrors.

Welcome to the Summer of Love, #CHAZ 2020!

San Francisco 1967 or Seattle 2020?


POTUS Trump Invokes Insurrection Act to Send Military Forces to Stop Looters

POTUS Trump Invokes Insurrection Act to Send Military Forces to Stop Looters

POTUS Trump Invokes Insurrection Act to Send Military Forces to Stop Looters


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