OPINION: Sheer Courage of Christopher Columbus Triggers Weak Minded

As America moves into a brave, new world, Columbus Day, 2020, marks the anniversary of what we’ve all come to know as the day to honor the man who discovered America.

Even though this belief has long been held in dispute, it’s an American tradition. In typical revisionist history style, there are those who want to disavow all that Christopher Columbus did for America.

In 1925, the KKK opposed an effort to erect a statue of Christopher Columbus in Richmond, Va. The Klan did not succeed; however in June, 2020, leftist protesters took the statue down.

I guess that means the Klan’s most ardent supporters are on the Left?

When Left-wing loons say, “Happy Indigenous Peoples Day,” this is a real slap in the face to Italian-Americans everywhere.

But, that’s the level of tolerance of the party of tolerance.

As the Left goes nuts and removes Columbus, their opinions won’t really matter.

Consider the source … and then have a Happy Columbus Day!


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