Peach State Recount Turns Out To Be The Pits

Things are getting so hot in the Peach state that the Georgia peaches are coming out Kentucky fried as recounts in several counties have revealed thousands of votes that had not been counted. Most of the votes were for President Donald J. Trump. This doesn’t turn out to be too peachy for the Democrats trying to rush through a recount to defeat the President.


Republicans cry, “Foul!” over the fraudulent recounts because signatures are not being compared. Georgia voters who voted in person had to show ID and sign in order to vote. Those who voted by mail did not and signatures are not being compared to identify fraudulent ballots.


However, Democrats are calling for the President to concede the election so that the country can “heal” and we can all move forward. This is the stance of the party that still has not conceded the 2016 election. Stacy Abrams, losing gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, still claims to be the rightful governor of Georgia and she and her minions are moving full-throttle to steal the Peach States election.

Investigative journalist Sara Carter says that GOP observers in Georgia describe the recount as “theater” and are voicing concerns about irregularities and why thousands of ballots went missing.

Observer Marci McCarthy said, “You’re there as recount theater, we were the props that these actors were aware of so that they essentially wouldn’t cheat. But I had no way of knowing what the counters were doing with those ballots.”

According to Carter, McCarthy said she immediately realized that it would be impossible to see the ballots as a health official took her temperature. She was warned to stay six feet away from the counters at the tables and not to ask questions.

“We got yelled at if we were too close to anyone by the health department,” she recalled. “The department was very quick to act upon us if we were closer than six feet but not anyone else.”

According to the New York Times, Trump received more than 10 million more votes nationally than he received in the 2016 election.

When you multiply the Peach State’s election X 50, it’s easy to see why the public feels that rampant voter fraud took place all over the country.


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