Pennsylvania, New Jersey Join New York’s Crucible as Nursing Home Deaths Mount

New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo wasn’t alone in mandating that nursing homes readmit recovering Corona Virus patients, as documents released show governors of New Jersey and Pennsylvania demanding the same callous treatment for their elders.

Gov. Cuomo was under the gun for accepting a large donation from the hospital lobbyist group before granting nursing home executives immunity from prosecution after mandating they take infected elders back into their care, especially as off-site treatment facilities provided by the Army and Navy were hardly used.

Rep. Scott Perry, Pennsylvania’s Republican Congressmen from the 10th District and a 40-year Army Veteran, wrote to Health and Human Services Deputy Inspector General Gary Cantrell to demand that state Democrat Governor Tom Wolf also be brought to task.


On March 18, 2020, Pennsylvania Department of Health published the Interim Guidance, stating:

Nursing care facilities must continue to accept new admissions and receive readmissions for current residents who have been discharged from the hospital who are stable to alleviate the increasing burden in the acute care setting. This may include stable patients who have had the COVID-19 virus.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, announced a criminal investigation into nursing home facilities in the Commonwealth with regard to the death of residents.

Perry’s letter was to provide additional support to those who were willing to testify in the Attorney General’s investigation and feared reprisal.

But he also wanted to get closure for the families of those who died.

Rep Perry wrote:

The families and loved ones of the people who have suffered and died deserve justice. Pennsylvanians deserve to know exactly what role their government played in the spread of COVID-19 infections, and the resulting deaths in nursing home, personal care, and assisted living facilities across the  Commonwealth. Most importantly, residents in these facilities across the Commonwealth must be protected from further undue harm as the result of Governor Wolf’s policies.

As well as a principled Congressman, serving on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee, Perry’s service to the country is formidable.

Perry began his military career in 1980, attending basic training at Fort Dix, NJ, and graduated Advanced Individual Training at Fort Belvoir, VA, as a technical drafting specialist.

Perry is a graduate of the US Army War College, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies.

He graduated as the president of his Officer Candidate School class, and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Field Artillery branch. He soon branch-transferred to Army Aviation, where he earned qualifications in almost every rotary-wing aircraft in the Army inventory (Huey, Cayuse, Kiowa, Cobra, Chinook, Apache and Blackhawk), and the Instructor Pilot rating.

Perry commanded at the company, battalion and brigade levels; notably, Lieutenant Colonel Perry commanded the 2-104th General Support Aviation Battalion, which deployed to Iraq from 2009 to 2010, and during which he flew 44 combat missions.

In 2011, he was promoted to the rank of Colonel, and became Commander of the Fort Indiantown Gap National Training Site. Perry was selected for promotion to the rank of Brigadier General in 2014, and was honored to serve as the Assistant Division Commander of the 28th Infantry Division – the Army’s oldest, actively-serving Division.

After serving in his final military position as Assistant Adjutant General, Joint Forces Headquarters, Pennsylvania National Guard, Perry retired on 1 March 2019, after nearly 40 years in uniform.

All well as governors of Pennsylvania and New York, Democrat New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is also in the hot seat as documents showed he also mandated that nursing homes take back their sick.

No patient/resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the post-acute care setting solely based on a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. Persons under investigation for COVID-19 who have undergone testing in the hospital shall not be discharged until results are available. Post-acute care facilities are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized patient/ resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or  readmission.


The Corona Virus outbreak began with dozens of deaths in a Seattle nursing home, which were echoed across many states, including Massachusetts, where 68 retired service members died at the Holyoke Veterans Home, where the American flag flew at half mast in their memory.


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