POTUS Trump Delivers 10 Rallies in 2 Days, Energizing the Base in the Final Stretch

Dynamo President Donald J. Trump stumped the battleground states beginning the campaign’s 48-hour, 10-rally schedule with freezing temperatures in Michigan, as he met voters who stood in the cold for hours just to hear him speak. His last rally of the day ended early Monday morning enthralling voters in Miami, Florida.

Sporting his red MAGA hat, Trump connected with his Michigan audience amid spitting snow and dropping wind chill. Regardless, his enjoyment was evident as many times, he stifled his laughter at his opponent’s foibles, almost to the point of embarrassment, the crowd chanting, “We love Trump! We love Trump!”

And, America does love Trump.

He’s doing it again today flying from city to city to address burgeoning crowds. While Trump thrilled the crowds with his rendition of ‘The Snake’ and pure heart-to-heart dialogue, he didn’t always tell crowds what they wanted to hear, but he’s always told them the truth.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s highlights over the last two days include Joe’s statement, “I don’t need you to get me elected …” What gives here? The high point was when his campaign bus was escorted by Trump trucks, prompting him to cancel several Texas events. So much for that lap around the track.

While Biden continued his gaffes, Trump questioned why the DOJ wasn’t looking into Ilhan Omar and the crimes she’s committed. He questioned why AOC was allowed to relocate two million dollars of campaign funds with impunity. “Where’s the DOJ?” he queried.

He also pointed out that the election is a choice between a deadly Biden lockdown and a safe vaccine. His message about jobs and the economy was met with cheers, applause, and more chanting.

“Under Biden’s lockdown, you’ll be living under a prison state,” the President said. “Look what China has done to the world.”

The promises he makes and keeps are lightning and the applause he receives is thunder.

“This will never be a socialist country.” Tomorrow isn’t just another day.


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