POTUS Trump: ‘He got caught, OBAMAGATE!’

Nevermind Bill, the list of “-gates” grows longer each day.

On Sunday night, U.S. President Donald J. Trump added what could be the most powerful of them all — “Obamagate” — he tweeted.

By early Monday morning, even as Twitter has suppressed the term, the hashtag trended up to 2.3 million tweets globally overnight.

What’s hilarious to veteran political watchers is that the youngest generation were perplexed by the term, if not its intent.

Many have questioned #Obamagate, not having heard of the “-gate” reference — to the Watergate scandal of the early 1970s.

The drama of the investigation, in its original hashtag form, being ascribed to the name of Watergate, the Washington hotel complex where the “plumbers” broke into office in the middle of the night and got caught.

The scandal, which also gave us other great pop culture phrases — “follow the money”, “listen to the tapes”, “deep throat” — lasted from 1972 until 1974.

It was more than the crime; it was the cover-up, and the question of the day became, “What did the president know and when did he know it?

The cover-up was much worse than the crime. It was an abuse of presidential power and an act of deliberate obstruction of justice. Seven members of the president’s staff were indicted. Five plead guilty to avoid trial and two were imprisoned. Rather than face impeachment for the crime, President Nixon resigned in August, 1974.

Hence, every political scandal since has had the “gate” suffix added to its moniker.

The nation has endured political scandals throughout presidential terms, including:

  • Billygate, Jimmy Carter’s brother listed as a foreign agent negotiating for Libya;
  • Koreagate, during Carter’s administration, when South Korea was bribing 50 Congressmen;
  • Whitewatergate, was a pre-president Clinton land deal that included dead men and outsized profits from Hillary’s Arkansas law firm;
  • Travelgate, when Hillary’s coterie got caught abusing travel vouchers;
  • Lawyergate, when George W. Bush fired dozens of judges he appointed because they were persecuting Republicans rather than Democrats;
  • Emailgate, when Hillary got caught deleting 30,000 emails, after they were subpoenaed;
  • Pizzagate, when Clinton advisor John Podesta’s cryptic emails, released by Wikileaks, unveiled how the code words “pizza” and “hot dogs” were used to refer to pedophile orgies;
  • and that brings us to Spygate, also known as FISAgate, where the FISA courts were misused because of fraudulent evidence to grant wiretapping warrants to record candidate Trump and associates via the insertion of spies on the government payroll into the campaign.

Obamagate is really Spygate taken to its next level of, who was controlling the spies? Obama.

This scandal will reveal the worst abuse of presidential power in the history of our country. Not only will it show a president trying to entrap and remove his successor, a first in this nation, it has the potential to spider web, ensnaring Obama and top level Democrats to charges of treason and high crimes and misdemeanors against America.

Nixon’s resignation was a shock.

The early 1970s saw a hostile political climate in the nation as Richard M. Nixon was running for re-election. America was embroiled in the Vietnam War and the nation was deeply divided between the Hawks and the Doves.

Five members, known as the Plumbers, connected to the President’s re-election campaign, were the burglars who were arrested for the failed break-in of Democratic National Committee at the Watergate complex in Washington, DC. The Plumbers were caught by a security guard as they were breaking in to replace a failed wire-tap.

Among the stolen documents in their possession were telephone numbers to Nixon’s campaign headquarters. When it was found that they were connected to the White House, President Nixon and his aides instructed the CIA to obstruct the FBI’s investigation.

But the other way of looking at it, in hindsight, was that Nixon’s resignation was actually a Deep State coup.

Nixon’s biggest donor was quietly Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of two presidents, plus the banker in the center of the World War II drama that caught U.S. financiers working as Hitler’s bankers via Union Bank.

They brought in Nixon as their puppet then pushed him out. Further to that, what many believe was being stolen by the “plumbers” in the Watergate break in were the blackmail files that named tens of thousands of leaders and bureaucrats in Washington. Who many also believe got control of that file, who was part of the government’s Nixon impeachment legal team, before she was fired: Hillary Clinton.



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