POTUS Trump Hosts Funeral for Brother Robert at the White House

U.S. President Donald J. Trump hosted the funeral for his younger brother, business partner and American patriot, Robert Trump, 71, at the White House on Friday.

The event marked the first time a private citizen was brought to the White House for a funeral since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt held a service to honor advisor Louis Howe in 1936.

The last time the White House hosted a deceased person was in 1963; it was President John F. Kennedy, returned via Air Force One after he was assassinated in Dallas.

At the idea of a White House funeral for his brother, earlier this week, President Trump said: “I think he’d be greatly honored. He loves our country. He loved our country so much.”

Little known stories of Robert’s patriotism revealed his role as a whistleblower to dismantle a pervasive banking and intelligence fraud that was the main behind-the-scenes player levered by Washington in the 1980s and early 1990s, before the good guys were all taken off the case in 1992 by President Clinton. That President Trump brought the old team back together to complete the operation is the basis for the final act of “the sting” operation, being played out now.

In his final month, Robert Trump, or a well-informed parody doppelganger, took to Twitter to reveal many of those insider secrets to thousands beginning to wake up to America’s hidden history.

His death last Saturday was presaged by a presidential visit to the hospital on Friday. Although the cause of death was not revealed, the Twitter persona joked that it was related the Corona Virus, Robert Trump was reported to be unwell for several months before his final hospital visit.

At the funeral, bagpipers played “Abide With Me” as the Trump family stood by as pallbearers carry Robert’s casket to the hearse.

“Robert, I Love You,” Trump tweeted Friday night. “Rest In Peace!”


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