POTUS Trump Invokes DPA for CoronaVirus Response, But Also Economic Recovery

U.S. President Donald J. Trump will authorize the Defense Production Act granting the White House full authority to coordinate, corral and coerce private industry in support of the Corona Virus response, but its powers could be even of greater use in rebuilding the economy.

Calling himself a “wartime president” as he announced the authorization of DPA to fight the “silent enemy” of the Corona Virus on Wednesday, the law, on the books since 1950, was designed to streamline the ability to meet wartime needs, such as building tanks, but also respirators and hospital equipment.

In the same way the White House coordinated the private sector response team with representatives of the clinical testing companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and drug stores, DPA provides authority to place priority orders for government needs and direct private companies to meet them.

DPA also gives coercive powers; if companies refuse, the government can commandeer their factories and even their personal assets.

The DPA, along with similar broad powers already in his command, including closing the border with Canada, as the White House also announced on Wednesday morning, set the stage for a firmest possible response from the federal government to the crisis.

And it comes as Europe battles the virus, with Britain notifying 20,000 military troops on Wednesday to be prepared to be called in to keep the UK’s streets safe.

By Wednesday night, President Trump had also signed into the first emergency relief law that provided $1 billion worth of food aid to the needy and $1 billion for state unemployment payments. As part of a $1 trillion recovery package, the White House was also considering direct payments of up to $500 billion to Americans in April.

But, there’s more.

Beyond guaranteeing the production of medical supplies, the DPA could play a key role in the post-pandemic recovery.

“Trump could use this power to bring back medical supply manufacturing and prescription drug production to the USA under the same emergency powers,” according to David M. Burke, former owner of global auto industry supplier and the author of Return of the Founding Fathers’ Guardians.

That book is “about a billionaire, non-politician that runs for the presidency because he wants to help save the country… written before Trump ever ran and published before he won.” (His second book, being published this Spring, is about the Globalists crashing the stock market, knocking the DJIA down to 10,000 points, because they realize they can’t beat the president in a far fight.)

“By bringing back a percent of these two industries at a time when the USMCA takes place, that could bring with it a heightened demand and create some good growth in two high profit and replenishment industries that had been lost to foreign forces,” Burke told QUARTERMASTER NEWS.

“Trump can regulate wages with this and mandate and regulate a supply. This law can be used to start the industry here in the USA faster than it would have been allowed to do on its own.”

In other words, not only would the president be able to best prepare America to fight this “Chinese flu,” he could also retaliate against the Chinese, in one fell swoop, by using DCA to bring pharmaceutical production back home for security and job growth.



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