POTUS Trump Prepared for Another Relief Bill as Shutdown Extends to Apr 30

U.S. President Donald J. Trump is prepared to do anything to help save lives and rebuild the American economy to where it was before the Corona Virus, he told reporters at a press conference at the White House on Sunday, when he announced the government on Tuesday would call for another month of shelter in place home quarantine for the nation.

In response to a specific question, if he would now consider and support another relief package following last week’s $2.2 trillion bailout, the president said:

“I’m prepared to do whatever is necessary, to number one, save lives, and number two, bring our economy back strong just like it was before.”

“Remember, a lot of the money you read about is coming back, that money is coming back, and we’ll take warrants, we’ll take pieces of the company for the taxpayers of the nation.”

The takeaway should be to expect more than the $1,250 in extra unemployment benefit granted by the CARES Act to working people (even though the simple division of the $2.2 trillion would have worked out to closer to $15,000), as it looks like more aid is on the way.

But what was harrowing was his description of refrigerator trucks “as long as the Rose Garden,” pulling up to Elmherst Hospital, near where he grew up in Queens, not with supplies, but with body bags carrying the dead.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the virus response coordinator in the White House and as Ambassador-at-Large and United States Global AIDS Coordinator since 2014, explained that those most impacted by the disease in New York ended up not being from the most central parts of the city, but from the outer areas and counties, as commuters became carriers of the virus.


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