POTUS Trump Vindicated As Lincoln Project’s Hypocrisy Exposed

U.S. President Donald J. Trump emerged unscathed as the hypocrisy of a much ballyhooed, but quickly defeated, snare was exposed, embarrassing the plotters and vindicating their target.

In light of the president’s foreign policy successes, the fractured wing of the GOP is being forced to reassess its position.

The Lincoln Project is political action committee run by GOP-RINO political strategists,who tried to breathe new life into anti-Trump Republican activism as the Never Trump movement struggles on life support, as 9 out of 10 of Republcans roundly support POTUS.


These political strategists were called out for their own tax issues, as well as their ties to Russia, according to an expose in the New York Post.

The PAC has hammered President Trump in a continuous barrage of negative ads over the same issues. However, the Lincoln Project’s chickens came home to roost in this classic pot/kettle scenario. Now, their misdeeds are coming to light, according to the Post.

The PAC was founded last November by George Conway, the husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson and John Weaver, Newsmax reports.

It’s not only all about the Benjamins, it’s all about the Johns as more skeletons are heard rattling around the PAC’s closet. John Weaver, a consultant on John McCain’s and John Kasich’s presidential campaigns, registered as a Russian foreign agent for uranium firm TENEX just last year.

TENEX’s parent company, Rosatom, is a Russian state-owned corporation that also owns Uranium One, which paid Bill Clinton $500,000 in speaking fees and millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation following approval of a merger by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2010.

While Weaver vilifies Rudy Giuliani for his “rogue ties to Putin-backed thugs in Ukraine and elsewhere,” the real tax evader has a $313,655 federal tax lien against his home in Austin, Texas, the Post reports.

Rick Wilson, who mocked President Trump for not releasing his tax returns, is suffering his own money woes with the IRS. Documents show he has a $389,420 federal tax lien against his home in Tallahassee, Florida, and faced foreclosure in 2016.

His money troubles include being taken to court by American Express over an unpaid $25,729 credit card bill the previous year, according to the Post.

Lincoln Project paid more than $2 Million to firms owned by its founders, many of whom were also big money lobbyists for foreign governments or owed five and six-figure sums to the taxman.

Another member of the motley crew, Steve Schmidt, is listed as an “inactive voter” in his home state of Utah, which means he has not voted in the past two general elections. Schmidt insists he has voted by mail in 2016 and 2018, and said he registered as an independent in 2018, according to Newsmax. Another piece of the puzzle fits as the never-Trumpers join forces with the looney Left to push vote-by-mail.

George Conway is the only one of four group founders with whom the Post did not find Russian ties, money problems, or failure to register to vote. Conway’s claim to fame, other than Trump’s nickname of Moonface, is his wife who works for the president.


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