QUARTERMASTER NEWS Is Hiring — Journos & Editors

QUARTERMASTER NEWS is hiring journalists — freelancers or part-time — for three-hour shifts during the week.

The beat is covering breaking news about America’s military and politics.

Ideal candidates would be veterans with journalism experience and those who were never enlisted but who are enthusiastic about the politics and the details of covering the military.

This is also a great job for journalists now sidelined to social media who want a string to get back in the game.

In addition, QMN is sponsoring a mentorship program for veterans and other experienced writers who want to become reporters but need training and a venue for their first articles.

Our group publishes 9 small titles and this is for the 10th that we’re rolling out now.

Please reply below with a para on why hire you and links to 3 stories you want us to read.

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