Seattle’s Autonomous Zone: Just Another Word for Mafia Control

Seattle protesters have taken over an area of the city and dubbed it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), a self-proclaimed utopia, devoid of police and ruled by the people with their own set of laws.

In order to get into CHAZ, one must also show a government issued ID — which would also seem to run contrary to what one would logically conceive of an autonomous society, especially one that wishes to maintain its own rules outside of the perceived harshness of the government it opposes.

The area was taken over by force, at gunpoint and there have been multiple reports of businesses being ‘taxed’ by individuals and groups within the area in order to be allowed to stay in business.

Reporter Andy Ngo, who has become an expert on ANTIFA, including being beaten to near death by them, reported from the CHAZ:

“Sources tell me there are those in the #CapitalHillAutonomousZone who are “shaking down” businesses by asking them to contribute supplies or resources. When there was the occupation in Portland in 2018, they threatened a food cart that wouldn’t give them electricity access.”

According to Ngo, they’ve even got themselves a hierarchical social structure complete with bosses and underbosses or as they call them, ‘overseers’.

Once inside the zone, the rule is ‘respect the space’, in other words, obey their laws.

Last night, U.S. President Donald J. Trump told Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan to get their city under control from this insurrection.

Trump warned the two leaders that if they didn’t get a handle on their city, he would do it for them.

Mayor Durkan joked that he should go back to his bunker.



If this sounds familiar, it is. It’s what the mafia did during its rise to power during the 1920s and prohibition. This is also the ISIS Caliphate. And taking the analogy to our corporate overlords, this is also Big Pharma

In fact, hostile takeover of business, taxation of the business through extortion and threats against the business owner to pay in order to stay open or else was the name of their game.

That’s how they made their money and gained power and influence in the political realm as well.

Mafia “protection rackets” are extortion schemes. They tell a shop owner that she needs to pay them $100 a week so they can “protect” her from criminals who might demolish the shop or hurt her family — the implication being that the Mafia members themselves are these criminals.

As described in PJ Media: “You can look at it as an extortion scam, or, as this fellow believes, it’s just a Robin Hood-like move from “a place of more privilege to less privilege and deemed righteously woke” – at the point of a gun or a can of kerosene and a match, that is.”

Sounds like ‘an offer he couldn’t refuse’, no?

The solution came in the form of protection fees. The perfect problem-solution business model.

This is Bill Gates and the Big Pharma business model of recent history just now being unmasked – – cause panic about a disease (which you may have also had a hand in developing), feed the public outcry, then supply the vaccine.

ISIS was similar in that they took over the government and made the citizens pay donations to them or they would shed blood in the name of the communal good.

Similar, once again to, you guessed it, the mob.

But after all, “The Mafia” is a political group, having all the individual characteristics of that type of group as defined by classic sociology: a code (a group of rules), territorial extension, physical coercion, an administrative force capable of insuring the observance of the rules and effecting coercive measures.

It contributes as an association and as a social coalition to the production of politics in a comprehensive sense, that is, it determines or contributes in the decisions and choices that regard the manipulation of power and the distribution of resources.

Basically, they are policing themselves. What could possibly go wrong?

As for the Federal Government, aka Mr. Trump, pounding his fist on the table, the FBI usually gets involved when taking down the mafia and conducting raids as they have done on several occasions, including the one in Apalachin, NY in November 1957 in which 60 crime bosses were caught.

If a peaceful solution is not garnered within the next couple of days, the situation could turn and result in a very bad outcome for those inside the compound.

The use of the FBI, the military or some version of both could potentially be used in order to get the situation resolved swiftly and efficiently while trying to reduce casualties.

However, when one decides to overthrow a city and create their own compound with their own set of rules and govern through gestapo like tactics, the use of force to take it back is the only logical outcome.

The mafia had a plan in place and were very organized and made deals with governments. They had political influence and made friends in high places. They were able to stay in power for so long due to their backdoor influence.

These protesters, many of them ANTIFA, have limited influence and that is running out. Their ideals are not mainstream even though the media would have one believe otherwise.

That is really the essence of the radical left — logical thinking is not their strongest asset. It’s been often said, ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. It would seem that, in this case, the odds are stacked against them. It’s only a matter of when this is going to get ugly.


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