Sec Def Esper: Direct Energy Weapons Used by China, Russia

The American public’s fascination with ‘Star Wars’ technology has been captured once more as Defense Secretary Mark Esper confirms that Direct Energy Weapons (DEWs) are being used by China and Russia. But, China and Russia have nothing on America when it comes to cyberwarfare.

Americans knew more than 30 years ago that Russia was lagging behind in global military might. To curtail escalation of the Arms Race, President Ronald Reagan shared our ‘Star Wars’ technology with Russia, not to be used against us, but to level the playing field. Neither country wanted to be the one to issue the first strike in global war games.

Esper said that new technologies are fundamentally changing the character of war during his remarks at the Air Force Association’s Virtual Air, Space & Cyber Conference yesterday.

China and Russia have placed weapons on satellites and are developing directed energy weapons to exploit U.S. systems “and chip away at our military advantage,” he said.

If our national enemies have DEW capabilities, so must the Deep State, legitimizing the public’s fear that DEWs have been used to start fires that have been burning all summer in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Esper did not say that, but the concept is certainly plausible in the age of ‘Star Wars’ technology he described to the conference.

In the virtual address, Sec. Esper stated that America’s air, space and cyber warriors “will be at the forefront of tomorrow’s high-end fight.”

He explained that America will be shifting the focus from defeating violent extremist groups to deterring great power competitors, China and Russia, fighting a high-intensity battle that combines all domains of warfare.

“In this era of great power competition, we cannot take for granted the United States’ long-held advantages,” Esper said.

“Cyberwar is a distinct possibility and the Department of Defense is looking to the department’s Digital Modernization Strategy to improve our capabilities and policies,” he said. “The military is working on game-changing technologies, such as artificial intelligence and 5G, and looks to move the fight into the cloud.”

The U.S. Military’s Space Command is charged with manning, training and equipping President Donald J. Trump’s United States Space Force (USSF) with Spacepower being its first doctrine.

Harnessing the power of the electromagnetic spectrum to enable America to effectively and affordably strike critical targets at the speed of light has given the U.S. Air Force an unprecedented power to direct energy in a way that serves, protects and champions freedom.

Sec. Esper noted that the last time an enemy force dropped a bomb on American troops was during the Korean Conflict.

“China and Russia, seek to erode our longstanding dominance in air power through long-range fires, anti-access/area-denial systems and other asymmetric capabilities designed to counter our strengths,” he said. “Meanwhile, in space, Moscow and Beijing have turned a once peaceful arena into a warfighting domain.”

If China and Russia want to play wargames to undermine American security, America will oblige them with its cutting-edge mastery of cyberwarfare and strategic military acumen.

Operators are standing by.

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