Soros Super-Pac ‘Friends of Democracy’ Fingered for 2015 Baltimore Riots, Plus A Surprise

The tactics of George Soros’s paid mob violence across the country at the weekend continued to be exposed with documentation from the 2015 Baltimore riots making their way around again to remind everyone paying attention as to how this really works.

Read to the end because there is a surprise here, too.

Not only is it pay-for-play, but here, for the first time, the level of military-style preparation that goes into these ops faces scrutiny, ending the canard that these are organic uprisings.

And for all the cloak and dagger implied by the tone of the documents, the organizers shoot themselves in the foot with a prideful and moronic move of producing these on the actual letterhead of Soros’s Friends of Democracy PAC.

Plus, they describe specifically how that group’s Treasurer, David Donnelly, would complete the payouts and how those had been cleared with tax authorities not to have to be reported as income.

Several of the pages are reproduced here.

The author of a 2018 post revealing the information, Instructor Craig on Facebook, an “NRA certified Firearms Instructor” and “a gun-toting patriot and a 2nd Amendment activist,” called out the truth that he saw in these docs.

This is not an amateur group, this is a professional op:

This type of operation could not have been planned out and executed by an average person. The person who wrote this document clearly had either military/intelligence affiliation or training. I can assume this because of words like “comms”, “OPS”, “AUXOPS” “OPSEC”, “confidential level 7”, “328BG”, and all of the various acronyms used.

This operation was run like a covert military op and has a striking resemblance to the CIA 1953 Iran coup to remove Prime Minister Mossadegh from power. The mastermind behind the coup, CIA Operative Kermit Roosevelt, used this EXACT method to divide the people of Tehran, to give the appearance that PM Mossadegh had lost control of the people. Roosevelt also bought the media, spreading disinformation across Iran, stating that Mossadegh was a communist. A biased media, and the illusion of civil unrest was enough for the coup to take root and eventually be successful in Iran.

There was another take away from the docs which is to always follow the money. Soros’s Friends of Democracy PAC was particularly active in 2014, but went quiet since.

Among the top donors are the whole Soros brood — George, Jonathan, Alex and Andrea — as well as a few Silicon Valley luminaries, including early internet entrepreneur billionaire Sean Parker, and venture capitalist John Prtizker, cousin of Chicago’s Governor, both heirs to the Hyatt Hotels fortune.

But there’s one name here that doesn’t belong and, as the coda to this story of rich people imposing their will on society, it’s the only silver lining:

Matt Cutts, head of the United States Digital Service, the elite technology unit within the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

With the prevailing warm winds of San Jose, California, where he had been the 71st hire of Google, Inc., making his bones as the man who taught the family filter to remove pornography from search results and then conquering inbox spam, working there for 15 years, he made those donations in 2013 and 2014, when people still got away with describing the Friends of Democracy mission as “a super-PAC that supports public funding of political campaigns.”

Cutts took leave from Google in 2014; a week after the Baltimore riots in May, 2015, Google had named someone else to hold the responsibilities of his job.

Still on leave, in 2016, he took a short-term role inside the U.S. Digital Service, the 150-man unit created to help the government avoid the debacle of Obama’s first healthcare website, and since been deployed with nearly every arm of government where consumer computer technology could speed, strengthen and lower costs for government programs.

He went to Afghanistan for his first three-month gig to upgrade the system that US military officers use to collect and share information about conditions on the ground; three months later, he stepped was the made the unit’s director of engineering.

After President Trump’s victory, 20 per cent of the U.S. Digital Service stepped down as Cutts was offered the role to become its leader. He handed in his resignation to Google.

In an interview with the Washingtonian in 2018, Cutts described what reads as the final turning point in his transformation from Silicon Valley elite to Washington, D.C., Patriot.

He asked Obama’s tech advisor who had hired him, “What’s the long-term play?” for the role, what was the vision here? And he recounted how the advisor told him that technology could help make some dysfunctional aspects of government work better and in turn restore some of Americans’ trust in its institutions.

“Saving society—that was our job,” Cutts told the reporter.

Attention America’s billionaires and millionaires, technology and industrial elite who happen to be reading this on the internet we the people gave and you developed for us:

We need less Soros and more Cutts.

Former Googler Matt Cutts, head of the United States Digital Service, the elite technology unit within the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

Save our society by working within our institutions, take jobs for civil service pay and help us fix what’s broken.

Do not pay foot soldiers to destroy our civilization in stratagems aimed at a second-derivative impact that citizens are fooled into electing your pawns into office, to enable you to force your agendas upon us. That is Sedition and Treason and you will hang for it.

Sedition — “conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.”

Treason — “violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.”

You may have fooled some in Baltimore, in 2015, but America sees you now.

Join the real ‘Friends of Democracy’ — We the People.



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