Terror at Corpus Christi Air Base

A terror attack forced the lockdown at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi on Thursday, the most recent in a spate of attacks taking place at the nation’s military installations.

Syrian Adam Alsahli, 20, was shot and killed after he attempted to smash through a security gate at 6:45 AM and then charged security personnel on foot.

Alsahli attempted to speed past and evade security at the air station’s north gate, prompting emergency personnel response. He then crashed into a barrier and then exited his vehicle when it caught fire, according to a news release from base officials. He then charged security-force personnel, who returned fire.

“The individual was shot and received medical treatment, but was later pronounced deceased,” according to an initial official release that also said the atatck was terrorism-related.

Later in the morning, the Navy released the assailant’s identity and media found him to have social media posts supporting Al Qaeda.

This was the second attack on this naval air station in less than six months, according to Leah Greeves, supervisory senior resident agent for Corpus Christi FBI. It also comes after three U.S. sailors were killed and eight were wounded on a base in Florida, which officials also described as an act of terrorism.

One sailor who received minor injuries has been released from the hospital. When the shooter “no longer posed a threat,” the lockdown was lifted. The air station has resumed normal operations, and there is no security threat to those on or near the base, said Bill Dougherty, a spokesman for Navy Region Southeast.

The FBI has taken over the investigation but is working with local law enforcement and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).

“But I assure you that you have an absolutely awesome brotherhood of law enforcement working together, because the safety of Corpus Christi is paramount to each of us,” Greeves said.

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