POTUS Tump Announces Economic Measures, Travel Restrictions in Corona Virus Response

President Donald J. Trump on Wednesday night addressed the nation from the White House to announce a series of economic measures and travel restrictions to lessen the impact of the Corona Virus on American society.

The president called for $50 billion in Small Business Administration loans be made available to companies impacted by the trade and travel restrictions.

He also called on Congress to support a plan to defer tax payments that he said would leave an extra $200 billion of liquidity in the economy.

The travel restriction, which was initially limited to flights coming from China, will now be extended to Europe, excluding the UK, for the next 30 days.

While the World Health Organization today ruled the Corona Virus as a global pandemic, very few people have fallen and most have recovered with the exception of the aged and already infirm.

The biggest screams were from the mainstream media, with isolated cases being hyped to shut down many large events almost immediately. Scores of East Coast universities have closed, businesses sent employees to work from home and public life has begun to slow to a crawl, with empty restaurants, streets and subways in the busiest cities.

But the president was bullish on the American recovery from this unexpected but beatable foe.

“The virus will not have a chance against us,” President Trump said.


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