POTUS Trump’s Meme Warfare: ‘Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming’

The war for American minds breached new heights on Sunday night, as the White House’s Director of Social Media launched a meme salvo signalling that the battle was moving to the next front, and the President of the United States responded.

The image posted to Twitter by Dan Scavino, Assistant to the President and Director of Social Media at the White House, was of U.S. President Donald J. Trump playing the violin, captioned, “My next piece is called… Nothing can stop what’s coming.”

Before defining what that really means, it’s worth noting that the President also punted, but just by quoting to that post that was already moving quickly, millions of Americans from the 73.5 million people who follow his account, got the message.

A Marine Corps Infantry Combat Veteran in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as being a dad and husband and EMT, going by the Twitter handle @mikebravodude, understood the reference.

What’s coming that can’t be stopped is The Storm.

He responded with a meme made from a press pool video from October 5, 2017, when military leadership and their spouses posed for a family photo at the White House at a formal dinner.

The message being delivered was that victory was to be won by those capable hands in that room, and the enemies of the Republic would drown in the coming deluge.

For those following closely, the storm will soon be upon us.

But do not fear.

Former Navy swimmer @swimjohn2199 reminded the Twitterverse to stand firm because patriots are in control, and to enjoy the show.



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