Twitter Patriot Roll Call: Hundreds of Veterans Post Active Duty Photos

Hundreds of veterans posted old photos of themselves in fatigues, in Patriot Roll Call show of solidarity at the weekend.

And in what become an impromptu Mother’s Day celebration, many Vets shared photos of two generations of soldiers, moms and daughters, or granddads and grandsons, and in the memory of fallen soldiers no longer with us, reminding all of the ties that bind and who kindles the home fires that burn bright

As The Storm approaches, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of patriotic veterans are gathering online behind the Commander-in-Chief.

After last week’s reversal, with Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn exonerated from the bogus charges against him, the coup plotters are being outed publicly.

With the momentum at their backs, these online patriots are giving up their anonymity for embracing what seemed to be the unpopular side, as U.S. President Donald J. Trump delivers punishing blow, after punishing blow, to enemies of the people in government and within the complicit media machine.

Later on Sunday night, the president unleashed another viral Twitter storm; the battle continues.

And it is our soldiers — real, virtual, online or in the field — that we must thank.


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