Two Weeks Til the Debate, Harris Admits Biden is Trojan Horse

Two weeks until the first presidential debate, Kamala Harris finally admitted that Joe Biden is her Trojan Horse.

Kamala Harris was doing a live virtual roundtable on Tuesday where she misspoke: “A Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States.”

Quickly realizing her mistake, she attempted to correct herself by saying, “The Biden-Harris administration will have access, provide access…. to $100 billion in low-interest loans and investments from minority business owners.” But the cat was already out of the bag.

Biden himself also seemed to admit the same thing on his own speech on the PBS News Hour.

Of course, many Republicans and Independents as well as some savvy Democrats already suspected this to be the case. It’s just that nobody ever expected her to come out and actually say it before Election Day.

This flub led to many memes and commentary across social media platforms and many Republicans to say, we told ya so.

One commenter said, ‘Hope Joe gets a food tester.’ of course implying that she may poison him in order to officially take over as President.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McKennay commented on Twitter, “Kamala Harris and Puppet @JoeBiden ADMIT that Kamala would be the real President & Joe would be a puppet‼️”

“The HARRIS administration! Scary!”

Both U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have previously referred to Biden as a ‘Trojan Horse’ candidate meaning that if elected he would simply be a shell of a man for the office of President, only to be run by whomever was elected to the Vice President and the handlers behind the scenes.

Now that their plans have been revealed openly, albeit accidentally, the spin that the mainstream media and the Democratic Party itself tries to pull in the next couple of days will be in overdrive.

The first debate is less than two weeks away — currently scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 29 — and speculation is rife that Biden may bow out at the last minute due to some ‘health issue’ aka Corona Virus. In that case, would VP candidate Harris debate President Trump? Or would they just call it off?

There has already been evidence of him using a teleprompter leaking onto social media the last few days. Perhaps this was done on purpose as a prelude of what’s to come, although it would be tough to get a scripted teleprompter into a live debate. Maybe, he’ll just be aided by an earpiece connecting him to someone with a brain.

Still, there are also some that say he may be using ‘performance enhancing drugs’ in the form of cognitive enhancements. President Trump even asked for Biden to be “drug tested” before the debates..

Whatever he is on is stronger than Ginkgo Biloba — maybe more along the lines of adderall or something prescribed for his very real symptoms related to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, according to the expert medical opiners on Twitter.

Another theory is that he may remove himself entirely from the race, only to leave Harris as the front runner and then appoint Hillary Clinton as the Vice Presidential candidate. And then maybe Killary would have to kill her?

The fact is that whatever is going on with Joe Biden, his public appearances on his very limited campaign trail show a man very much incapable of an intellectual debate on his own feet, neve rmind against a heavy weight smackdown artist in our current POTUS.

The other argument here is that the aim of the mail-in voter drive will be to drag out election night for weeks, a medical crisis in the supposed winner would drag it out even longer, though, they would have to get to some decision before January 20’s inauguration day.

Would that mean the government falls into the hands of Crazy Nancy, all but those who voted for her in San Francisco, certainly hope not.


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