U.S. Navy Commissions Fast-Attack Sub USS Vermont, America’s 19th Fighting for ‘Freedom & Unity’

The U.S. Navy administratively commissioned the USS Vermont (SSN 792), the 19th Virginia-class attack submarine and transitioned the boat to normal operations.

The usual public commissioning ceremony scheduled for Saturday was cancelled amidst the current restrictions on large public gatherings.

The crew has been preparing for the commissioning and completed several weeks of arduous at-sea testing to prepare, said the Vermont’s commanding officer Cmdr. Charles W. Phillips III. He also praised the hard work of the crew, their families, the Commissioning Committee and the ship sponsor, Gloria Valdez, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Ships).

“This Virginia-class fast-attack submarine will continue the proud naval legacy of the state of Vermont and the ships that have borne her name. I am confident the crew of this cutting edge platform will carry on this tradition and confront the challenges of today’s complex world with the professionalism and dedication our nation depends on from warriors of the silent service,” said Acting Secretary of the Navy James E. McPherson.

The Block IV submarine style focuses on incorporating design changes that reduce the total ownership cost (RTOC). These changes allow an increase in the component-level lifecycle which increases the amount of time between maintenance and allows for an additional deployment. Also called the 3:15 by the Navy.

Valdez said she is grateful to everyone who played a role and is proud to represent the crew and the first Block IV Virginia-class submarine to enter service.

Vermont is a flexible, multi-mission platform and is carrying on the proud Vermont legacy where they are ready to deter, defend and defeat threats to our nations, allies and rules-based international order said Vice Adm. Daryl Caudle, commander, Submarine Forces.

“I am proud to serve with each of you! Stand ready to defend our nation wherever we are threatened – honoring your motto – Freedom and Unity.


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