U.S. Strikes Iranian-Backed Militia KH in Iraq After 3 Soldiers Killed

The military led defensive precision strikes against Iranian-backed militia Kata’ib Hezbollah (KH) facilities in Iraq to degraded KH’s ability to conduct future attacks and support our resolve to protect our forces, U.S. Central Commander Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. told reporters at the Pentagon on Friday.

The strikes came after information that confirmed KH conducted the rocket attacks on Camp Taji on Wednesday that killed three coalition members and injured fourteen others, he said, after KH launched 12 rocket attacks against coalition forces in the last six months.

That information included a photo of the truck-mounted rocket launcher along with aerial maps showing the offensive sites that were targeted by the U.S.

On Wednesday, a U.S. Army soldier and a U.S. Air Force airmen, and a medic from the United Kingdom were killed in the rocket attack on Camp Taji.

Gen Frank McKenzie said: “U.S. Central Command is well postured to defend our forces around the region and to respond to any further aggression against our forces. I would caution Iran and its proxies from attempting a response that would endanger U.S. and coalition forces or our partners.”

He added that, for the first since April 2012, two carrier strike groups would be patrolling the area.

On Thursday, CENTCOM posted more evidence of Iranian meddling.


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