Unmasking the Unmaskers

Top Obama Administration officials were named yesterday in documents relating to the unmasking of retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn. Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell opened the door to prosecution for those who have violated the law and placed lives at risk.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act allows the intelligence community to spy on foreign actors, but there are safeguards in place that are to protect Americans who are “incidentally” recorded. One protection is that they must be “masked.”

DNI Grenell allowed the publishing of a list of 500 names that were unmasked — these were Americans who were recorded on phone calls with foreigners that had been wiretapped. The law says they can’t be unmasked unless the “need to know” involves National Security. As the layers of the conspiracy onion are peeled away, the unmaskers’ motives are highly suspect, meaning that their motives were based on politics, not security of the nation.

Joe Biden, former vice president; James Comey, former director of the FBI; John Brennan, former director of the CIA; and James Clapper, former director of National Intelligence are among those named who sought to unmask Gen. Flynn and participated in the conspiracy plot to remove him. With more than 30 years serving the country in military strategy, Gen. Flynn knows what was being done illegally by whom, and the Deep State set out to discredit him.

On Monday, Biden stated that he didn’t unmask anyone and subsequently remembered that he had requested it.

“But that’s all I did,” Biden emphasizes. Later that day that he had unmasked Flynn, he received the merit award from Obama. Tweeters are calling Biden out on his conflicting accounts.

The Department of Justice is investigating the investigators, delivering its kill shot to the Russia narrative when no collusion was found by Trump Administration officials. But now the Obama Administration is being called upon to answer the tough questions about who did what, when, where, and why. Revealing classified information is against the law and the individuals named to have received intel on Flynn are likely to face DOJ prosecution for his unmasking.

By releasing this list, Grenell has exposed those who sought to undermine the principle of peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next. Never before in the history of our nation has a former president worked for the ouster of a current, duly-elected president. You might say that Obama’s behavior in the unmasking affair is “unprecedented.”

The whole point of the unmasking by the Obama Administration was to take down the incoming Trump Administration, which has exposed illegal activities by the former administration. To protect itself, key Obama officials targeted Flynn because he is the one man who can expose them.

The downfall of the Deep State ruse is accelerating due to Grenell’s actions and now the public can see that Obama’s FBI was out to get Flynn at all costs. The attack was planned, coordinated and executed and now Obama owns it.

In the ongoing saga of uncovering Deep State operatives who requested the unmasking of retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn, US District Judge Emmet Sullivan, charged with overseeing Flynn’s case, issued a one-page order yesterday that appoints John Greeson to present arguments to the government’s motion to dismiss. It also addresses whether or not Flynn should be held in contempt.

Sullivan, a Clinton appointee, should not be concerned with the outcome of the proceedings. His role in the drama is to ensure that the proceedings are conducted according to the law; his role is not to affect the outcome.

What Obama and his officials have done violates the privacy rights of all Americans. What is worse is that they expected to get away with it because Hillary Clinton was expected to win the 2016 election and she would protect them. That is why the Deep State was so stunned when she lost. They knew their days were numbered … and so they are.



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