US Coast Guard Monitors First Foreign Vessel to Bunker LNG

The Coast Guard completed oversight of the first foreign vessel to bunker Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as fuel in Jacksonville, Florida, on Tuesday. 

The Fure Ven, a Swedish tankship is the first-ever foreign vessel with plans to bunker LNG in Jacksonsville. The Fure Ven moored alongside Talleyrand Marine Terminal to take on LNG as fuel. 

LNG is a natural gas that has been cooled to a liquid at -260 degrees Fahrenheit.  In its liquid form, the volume is reduced to about 600 times that of its gaseous state, making it possible to transport and use as a transportation fuel.

When vessels use LNG as fuel, they are able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 25% when compared to conventional marine fuels. 

Since the International Maritime Organization is adopting stricter regulations on emissions, LNG offers a clean alternative with 100% reduction of sulfur oxides and 90% reduction of nitric oxides when compared to that of heavy fuel oil. 

“There are over 150 existing non-gas carrier foreign vessels that are utilizing low flashpoint fuels as a marine fuel and over 200 more vessels on order. With the increasing eco-friendly demands, Fure Ven marks the inaugural foreign vessel gas bunker operation to occur in the U.S,” said Lt. Yue Shen, Liquefied Gas Carrier National Center of Expertise.


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