USNS Comfort All Covered Up

After its glorious arrival in New York Harbor, the USNS Comfort hospital ship is completely hidden from view.

The ship is moored at New York City’s Pier 90 on the Hudson River, at 50th St on the Westside, obscured on both sides by buildings on top of the piers and by mesh onto the street.

Two access points are watched by Army soldiers, a diagonal view from the street is blocked by a FEMA truck and NYPD cops in riot gear and machine guns guard the next entrance at Pier 92.

Where the Comfort might have been left visible as a reminder of its presence and mission, like the Intrepid, at the next birth, at Pier 86, or the cruise ships that moor for the day at Red Hook, Brooklyn, the giant white ship is almost entirely invisible to passersby.

Staring into the mesh offers the vaguest silhouette of the white ship, while there is one angle, between from the next pier, between the fence, beyond the pillars, where a glimpse of the white of the ship and its crimson cross are visible.

A few blocks south of Pier 90 is the Jacob Javitz Convention Center turned into a 3,000-bed hospital, also with no public access, but a hospital linen truck was seen by this reporter leaving the freight entrance.


Inside the USNS Comfort

POTUS TRUMP Approves USNS Comfort to Treat Virus Patients for NY, NJ

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