USS Nimitz to Set Sail

The USS Nimitz will set sail shortly in order to maintain military readiness at sea. The military isn’t disclosing the exact date when the ship will deploy.

The USS Harry Truman will remain deployed until the USS Nimitz can depart from Bremerton in the Puget Sound.

Focus on the aircraft carriers comes after the USS Theodore Roosevelt was inundated with sick sailors, sparking a leadership crisis aboard the ship and in Washington.

A sailor onboard the USS Nimitz displayed symptoms of the Corona Virus but has placed in isolation away from the ship in an “abundance of caution” said Cmdr. John Fage, a spokesman for the U.S. 3rd fleet. Sailors that came in contact with that person were removed from the ship and quarantined.

Another sailor assigned to the Nimitz also tested positive for the virus, but they were out of state on leave at the time. He has not been at or near the ship reports the Navy.

The Navy is denying that there are any cases of the virus onboard the Nimitz at this time.

Sailors assigned to the USS Nimitz are now quarantining aboard the ship to minimize any additional exposure to the virus prior to setting sail.

The USS Nimitz has been in training since it completed its overhaul in 2018 at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. It is one of the nations 11-carrier fleet that is homeported in Bremerton, WA.


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