USS Theodore Roosevelt Departs Guam Mission Ready

The USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) has retrieved the rest of the crew fit for the mission from Naval Base Guam and returned to operations in the Philippine Sea.

The Roosevelt is on a scheduled deployment that was derailed when they pulled into Guam on March 27 to deal with the outbreak of the Corona Virus among the crew on the carrier. The crew was methodically removed in groups, quarantined and returned to the ship when virus free.

Some of the crew remained on Guam to complete their quarantine period, while the ship got underway to requalify their air wing crew via carrier qualification.

The Roosevelt returned to Guam and recovered the rest of their crew fit for the mission on Thursday, flying the flag with the words, “Don’t Give Up the Ship” representing the “fighting spirit” of the U.S. Navy Sailor.

Capt. Carlos Sardiello, commanding officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt shared about the significance of returning to the mission, “Returning to our mission in the Indo-Pacific after completing carrier qualifications is a significant milestone in Theodore Roosevelt’s conditions-based recovery plan. Our mission was to recover the ship and recover the crew. We did not give up the ship and now our focus is on combat readiness, safety, and wellness of the crew.”

Crew of the ship have adopted new standard operating procedures for the prevention and mitigation of the Corona Virus. Modified procedures include how they transit through the ship, expanded meal hours and new social distancing procedures for almost every at-sea evolution.

“The crew humbly prepared to go back to sea, they had a job to do, and they did it without hesitation,” said Sardiello. “We have returned Theodore Roosevelt to sea as a symbol of hope and inspiration, and an instrument of national power because we are TR.”

As the carrier departed Guam, the crew manned the rails in a gesture of gratitude and thanksgiving for the people of Guam, the service members and civilians that supported the crew during their recovery from the Corona Virus.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt is the nation’s fourth Nimitz-class aircraft carrier with a crew of nearly 5,000 Sailors who support and conduct air operations at sea. The ship originally departed San Diego for a scheduled Indo-Pacific deployment on January 17.


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