POTUS Trump First U.S. President to Speak Directly to Taliban Leadership

The President is back at it again, working hard to mend old wounds and end violence for the U.S.

President Donald Trump confirmed Tuesday that he spoke on the phone to a Taliban leader, making him the first U.S. president believed to have ever spoken directly with the militant group responsible for the deaths of thousands of U.S. troops in nearly 19 years of fighting in Afghanistan.

Trump said the United States has a shared interest with the Taliban, which harbored al-Qaida before the 9/11 attacks.

We had a very good conversation with the leader of the Taliban today, and they’re looking to get this ended, and we’re looking to get it ended. I think we all have a very common interest,” Trump said. “We had, actually, a very good talk with the leader of the Taliban.”

The United States and the Taliban signed an agreement last Saturday calling for the withdrawal of American troops, allowing Trump to make progress on a key campaign pledge to extract the U.S. from what he calls “endless wars” and paving the way for all-Afghan talks to begin on Tuesday.”

This war has been going on for about 20 years, beginning in 2001 to the current day. It’s about time we got a president that tried to resolve this war. Trump has truly gone above and beyond for his country and its people.

Despite Trump’s kind efforts to create peace, he’s already found bumps in the road with his plan to end this war.

Already there are hurdles. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has refused to release up to 5,000 Taliban prisoners, which the agreement said would happen before the start of the so-called intra-Afghan negotiations next week. The Ghani administration claims those releases will be part of negotiations.”

All we’ve asked so far is for the Taliban to release up to 1,000 government captives, yet they’ve got us all on edge not sure of what they’ll do next.

Trump said it’s still unclear what the Afghans will do when and if they sit with the Taliban and attempt to draft a peaceful political future for the nation.”


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