White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McKenany Schools Another Journo on BLM

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McKenany on Wednesday used logical rhetoric against irrational questioning from ABC’s White House Correspondent John Karl who tried to trap her in a gotcha moment around Black Lives Matter.

Rather than probing questions to understand Trump Administration policy, the mockingbird media “journalists” are going with more and more attempts at creating “gotcha moments” — unfortunately for them, McKenany refuses to fall for the trap.

In the White Press Room, Karl tries to set up McKenany by asking why U.S. President Donald J. Trump said one thing, which Karl actually calls out correctly, as if he didn’t know the true agenda behind the organization.

“Why is the President calling Black Lives Matter a symbol of hate?” Karl asked her in his usual childish contemptuous manner.

Read the tweet yourself. It’s about New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio paying, with tax dollars, to paint a BLM symbol Fifth Avenue, a major thoroughfare and exactly in front of Trump Tower, while simultaneously defunding the police budget by $1 billion. Plus, the President asks, what about their rallying cry?

McKenany replies to Karl: “What the President was noting is that simply when you look at some of the things that have been chanted by Black Lives Matter, like ‘pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,’ that is not an acceptable phrase to paint on our streets. He agrees that all black lives matter including those of officer David Dorn, Patrick Underwood, two officers whose lives were tragically taken during these riots.”

“All black lives do matter,” McKenany continued. “He agrees with that sentiment, but what he doesn’t agree with is an organization that chants ‘pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon’ about our police officers, our valiant heroes who are out on the street protecting us each and every day.”

Karl follows up, playing the role of feigned ignorance: “Americans of all races have protested in all 50 states around that phrase, black lives matter, and the president is here calling it a symbol of hate?”

McKenany said the President was referring to the organization and cited one of their leader’s own words who during an interview told Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum last week that they would “burn down” the system if they didn’t get what they wanted.

“He’s not talking about the organization in the tweet,” Karl said. “He says the words, black lives matter.”

McKenany’s next follow-up was brilliant:

“What’s the name of the organization again?” McKenany asked Karl.

“Black Lives Matter,” Karl responded.

“There you go, you just answered my question,” she said, moving onto the next questioner.

With a careful reading of the information available on the BLM organization on the internet, including their origin, agenda and the means to achieving their agenda, the real story is this is a Marxist organization, its founders truly imagine a world of chaos, a land of mob rule, where you are not part of that mob, and all of it wrapped in a motto that makes itself politically incorrect to question, nevermind the murky finances of the organization itself.

It should also be clear by now that the job of the Chief White House Correspondent is only about showing his smarts to create those gotcha moments, never about journalistic integrity, knowing the facts or reporting them accurately — these journalists are showing themselves, every day, to be actors on the stage of the opposition party’s never ending non-existent concession speech of 2016.

They are pushing us toward anarchy and the destruction of America.


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