Will the Real Joe Biden Please Stand Up?

There’s something that’s not right about Joe Biden, and observant people notice.

Questions and comments about Joe Biden’s physical appearance abound: “He looks different,” or “I don’t think that’s Joe Biden.”

Some astute midnight riders have even noted changes in his eye color, the old Joe Biden had blue eyes; the new Joe Biden’s eyes are brown. Keyboard warriors have also noticed his hairline, as well as the differences in his ears and his chin. They said he had plastic surgery, helluva doctor.

So where is the real Joe Biden?

It is safe to say at this point that the public has been so used to seeing photos and videos of the doppelganger that they don’t remember how the “real” Joe Biden looks. Who is this guy and what happened to the real Joe, Americans wants to know.

What is unfolding before America’s eyes under the guise of election fraud is the engineered public downfall of Joe Biden. Actually it’s already happened; America just hasn’t seen it yet, but now she is opening her eyes.

The totality of all of the political earthquakes culminates with the downfall of the Democratic Party, and as the mainstream media has crowned ‘Creepy Joe’ as the unofficial president-elect, all eyes are on his orchestrated fall from grace.


Missing Retrospectives

Even though stumbling, bumbling, sleepy Uncle Joe’s been movin’ kinda slow at the junction (my apologies to all of the Petticoat Junction fans), he hasn’t always been that way.

But there are no frontpage travels down memory lane of the meteoric rise of this political star to recount the triumphant five decades of Joe’s career in Washington, D.C.

There are no real moments of his pushing forward despite personal tragedy, which he touts in campaign ads promoting Obamacare.

The Biden cover up goes back 50 years, to the 1972 deaths of Joe Biden’s first wife, and infant daughter in a car accident at the hands of a drunk driver. Because the truck driver was not drunk, as Joe Biden has always claimed.

Likely, his wife was drunk, as some have speculated, with the documents about the investigation into the death conveniently “lost.”

One narrative is she turned to the bottle because she found about his affair with current wife Jill, a married campaign volunteer, and that according to Jill’s spurned first husband.

Biden says that healthcare is personal to him, as he was sworn in as a senator at the side of his son’s hospital bed. He says that he just didn’t know what he’d do if he’d been left with all of those hospital bills to pay himself. He neglected to tell the public that as a senator he had the best medical care available in the country, as senators always cover themselves with a gold plan and leave Americans to do the best they can.

There are no fantastic moments from yesteryear that define the politician as anything other than that: a politician.

Some will point to his eight years as Vice President of the United States. Being chosen was no great honor or distinction brought about by years of serving the nation and his fellow man; it was straight-up payment for services rendered for covering Barack Obama’s debauchery.

Biden was useful to Obama in that his now-deceased son, Beau, who just happened to be state Attorney General for Delaware, could fix a problem that had come up in his 2008 presidential race.

In 1999, on two occasions, November 6th and 7th, Larry Sinclair had consumed narcotics and had sex with the State Senator for Illinois’s 13th District, the first time in the back of a limousine and the second in a hotel room, and with the drugs were furnished by the elected official. To be precise and describe it in the most accurate image: in the back of the limo, Sinclair performed oral sex on the State Senator whose head was tilted back, smoking a crack pipe.

Fearing for his life, Larry Sinclair came forward, not to blackmail Obama, but he wanted him to admit to the drug use. Instead, Obama enlisted the aid of one of his Deep-State cronies, Joe Biden. In a quid pro quo exchange, Biden used his son, Beau, to silence Larry Sinclair.

The Delaware AG invented a crime — passing fraudulent money orders — for which Sinclair would ultimately have a receipt proving everything was legitimate. The Delaware AG’s office created a bogus Grand Jury indictment. With that pretext, the Delaware AG’s office called for the Washington, D.C., police to detain and arrest Sinclair. While in custody, police deprived Sinclair of his medications, wouldn’t give him a phone call and then they also managed to “lose” him, so counsel could not find him. He was extradited to Delaware.

By August of that year, Sinclair had still refused to accept a plea deal and a hearing was called for September 11th. At the Democratic National Convention, August 23-25, 2008, Biden’s spot was formalized, and two days later, Sinclair learned that AG Biden was told to drop the charges; on August 28, charges against him were dropped for “insufficient evidence.”

This series of events is what put Joe Biden on the national stage to be recognized by the world. But that leads back to the question, “Is the world seeing the ‘real’ Joe Biden?”


The laptop

The discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off and blow up Biden’s whole election bid.

That is why the leftist media and the Democrats are pushing so hard to confirm Biden’s cabinet picks and inaugurate Joe Biden so they can squash all evidence of Biden family crimes.

All of the dirty little secrets regarding the Ukraine, China, and several other countries are evidence that Joe has used his position as Vice President and even used his children to keep the cash flowing into the Biden family coffers.

Outside of Ukraine, leaked emails show that Hunter Biden had sought to secure deals with a now defunct Chinese energy company that would benefit his family. In discussing the deal with partners, he would be awarded 10% and there would be an additional 10% for the “big guy,” presumably his father.

The mainstream media is complicit in the cover-up, as well. Gone from the headlines are the articles about Hunter’s laptop; the testimony of Biden insider and U.S. Navy Veteran Tony Bobulinski who stated that he personally witnessed Vice President Joe Biden discussing business deals with son Hunter, while making public denials.

The repairman, John Paul MacIsaac, 44, who discovered and handed over the laptop to the FBI and also sent the contents to Rudy Giuliani, stated that he was afraid he would be murdered as “a guy who had something he wanted out of this shop,” has since disappeared, his whereabouts unknown.


When the accusations stick

So Joe Biden has cut a wide swathe of greed, carnage and destruction, and in his wake, he has left a plethora of victims, including his own children. He has passed on perversion and depravity to his offspring and his crimes against America make Hillary Clinton look like an amateur. If America doesn’t see it on TV, they don’t believe it.

The Joe Biden narrative and cover-up are falling apart. Nobody believes that all down-ballot Republicans won their elections and President Donald J. Trump was the only one who lost. Nobody believes that a man who could get a dozen people together for a rally in a parking lot could garner more votes than Barack Obama while winning fewer counties. Nobody believes the numbers; they’re more concerned with the Deep State holding onto power than they care that the most heinous election fraud has been perpetrated right under their noses for decades.

Washington, D.C. is in full panic mode, but Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming. The Alliance has all of the Joe Biden evidence of the sex, lies, and videotape. But the Deep State bad actors are all birds of a feather … and they’ll hang together.




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