Within Confined Spaces, ICE Grapples with Corona Virus

Within the confined spaces of detention centers at the borders, ICE has been deporting as many children as possible to their countries of origin, often within days or even hours of crossing the United States border, in order to stop the spread of the Corona Virus.

Their action has been so quick and decisive that many of these deportations occurred before the usual time-wasting tactics, including fraudulent pleas for asylum, can be attempted, according to a recent New York Times article looking to point out the hard work of Border Patrol agents as a negative.

Meanwhile, “more than 1,000 undocumented immigrants detained by ICE now have the coronavirus,” according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The total represents eight times the number of cases from a month ago.

The Inquirer reports that nearly half of those detained and tested by ICE have the virus.

The agency has only checked 8% of the 27,908 immigrants it holds in jails and prisons across the country. Most of those in custody are awaiting court hearings or deportation.

This means that there could actually be more cases that have been unreported.

The close quarters and indoor environment also make the risk of spreading the disease much higher.

Nevermind the immigrants for a moment, 44 ICE employees who work at detention centers also tested positive.

“These results are horrible but, sadly, not shocking,” said Jasmine Rivera, a leader in the Shut Down Berks Coalition, an immigrant-advocacy organization based in Philadelphia.

“Health experts and the broader community alike are fully aware of the high risk of COVID exposure that incarceration results in. To continue to needlessly endanger immigrants’ lives is cruel and must stop now.”

The Times pointed out that the policy of quick deportations is a reversal to the precedents established under both Democrat and Republican Presidents (RINOs, of course?) in which the U.S. was much softer in its immigration policies.

With Obama and Bush (representatives of the old Uni-Party…) at the helm, under age immigrants who crossed the border illegally and without adult supervision were provided with shelter, education, medical care and a lengthy administrative process — all at U.S. taxpayer expense — allowing them to make a case for staying in the United States, the Times notes as if that was our country’s goal.

The children who were sent home were done so after contact or arrangements were made for their safe return.

Arrangements are still being taken to ensure their safe return, although The Times would have you believe that is not being ensured.

The conditions of the facilities themselves under U.S. President Donald J. Trump versus the previous administration have already been shown to have improved.


Pictures were shown of deplorable conditions of immigrant families in cages under the Obama administration and being misrepresented as the conditions under the current administration. Those images have since been proven wrong.

President Trump actually cares about children and has passed many laws protecting them from illegal trafficking — another potential hazard these children undergo when being illegally smuggled across the border.

Under the porous border and soft policies of the previous administrations, however, the U.S. has been taken advantage of and has seen an increase in drug abuse and related deaths, undocumented workers taking American citizens’ jobs, the rise of sanctuary cities, and fraudulent asylum claims, all of this stemming from unabated illegal immigration.

In times of crisis or in this case, a ‘pandemic’, the immigration policy is clearly outlined.
In 1944, the President was granted power to prevent foreigners from entering the country in order to prevent the “serious threat” of a dangerous disease.


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