Without a TRACE: Petition Against HR 6666 Gains Momentum to Stop Invasive Bill

Forty-four Democratic and one Republican Congressmen are slated to disappear without a TRACE at the ballot box for their co-sponsorship of the wild-eyed HR 6666 Testing, Reaching And Contacting Everyone, the TRACE Bill.

In the past week, 60,000 concerned voters have already signed the petition against the legislation whose sponsorship is led by the feckless Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) — the 45 Congressmen should expect a comeuppance.

The Action Network started the petition, “Stop the Unconstitutional, Illegal TRACE Act (HR 6666),” because the devil is in the details, as well as in the bill’s number.

Some of the doozies that stick in your craw are how the bill proposes to protect restaurants post-pandemic, including demanding that waiters take down the name and cell phone number of every diner, to be able to track who gets sick where, and alert each person that someone you may have crossed paths with in line for the loo is now at home with the devil’s sniffles.

HR 6666 throws more rusty nails in your Cheerios by allowing officials to invade the privacy of your home with forced medical treatment for you and your family, even the forced removal of children who are deemed to be at risk from their parents’ care. The operative word here is ‘forced’.

If the bill is adopted by Congress, it will be “a stunningly illegal power grab beyond what the Constitution offers the Congress, and an outright assault on the people to be deplored by all,” the petition reads.

HR 6666 will “authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes,” according to an open letter to Congress.

In addition, HR 6666 violates inalienable rights to one’s person, home and property, to one’s life, freedoms, privacy and security. It is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, as well as the First, Fifth, Eighth and Ninth Amendments of the Bill of Rights. It is an illegal act of forced medical treatment upon We the People and an invasion into our local communities, according to the Action Network.

The petition can be found at change.org for citizens who wish for their voices to be heard. More than 60,000 concerned citizens have already signed the petition.

Put aside the restrictions and privacy invasions of this bill, the cost is equally outrageous.

The nation’s gross national debt is a staggering $25 trillion and Corona Virus pork spending promises to push it upwards to $30 trillion. That’s more than $76,000 per person in America. With a starting price tag of $100 billion, Rush’s HR 6666 bill has sparked outrage across the country.

According to Rush’s website, “Until we have a vaccine to defeat this dreaded disease, contact tracing in order to understand the full breadth and depth of the spread of this virus is the only way we will be able to get out from under this.”

But, how will we get out from under the tyranny of contact tracing and the crushing national debt? Congress hasn’t funded the federal government past September 30th; they’re not working, but they’re still getting paid.



  1. WE HAVE ENOUGH CONSPIRACY THEORIES… enough already… without any wording in the bill actually giving them the AUTHORITY to DO TESTING in the ways they mention, it means that ANY TESTING done has to be done without violating EXISTING LAWS of privacy.. .

    To do THAT they need a bill that states: Hereby grants to dept of health and related agencies the authority to conduct testing in homes and track potential cases of COVID with (such and such) criteria….THis just says they can grant MONEY to orgs that have data which helps in tracking BUT THESE have to already abide by privacy laws.. meaning you have to VOLUNTEER your data is a name is attached to any info.

    • It will be a slippery slope — if you are expected to use a tracer app on your phone to enter a restaurant, in the same way you can’t take a bus now without wearing a mask, people will submit. The conspiracy theory you should ponder is why this bill is called HR 6666?


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