Woman’s Search for Missing Daughter Leads Dr. Phil to Feature Accusations of Satanic Pedophile Kidnapping Ring for Adrenochrome

One woman’s four-year-long search for her missing daughter was profiled by TV’s Dr. Phil who used the opportunity to feature her accusations of a Satanic pedophile kidnapping ring to harvest adrenochrome, though the set-up also provided the platform for her other daughter to ridicule her mom.

In a classic one-two punch, the feature captured the zeitgeist of the discussion around elite pedophilia and high-level blackmail rings, but, also, in its negative portrayal of a mother grappling with the unknown from behind her computer keyboard, the conclusions for viewers is from the point-of-view of her other daughter, that mom is living in a world of make believe.

Research into adrenochrome has focused on the earliest medical tests of the substance, but testimony from other survivors speaks more to do its nefarious use today.

In this 1937 study, small doses of adrenochrome were studied in humans against a control group, but what’s being discussed now is its use in Satanic ritual and at very high doses.


How survivors tell it, is that children are tied up, drugged and terrified, to cause the surge of adrenaline, creating the adrenochrome in the blood which is then harvested and drunk.

Not just an example of modern science gone bad, harvesting adrenochrome can be traced through the ages, including being represented in classical art work.

Going back to the beginning, child sacrifice, in the worship of ancient war god Moloch, when a baby son was put to the fire to guaranty success on the battlefield, shows the depravity of man knows no bounds.

Studies, including this one from 1959, point to the physical high as comparative to mescaline or LSD, but, beyond the high, it is the restorative effects on the body that lead many to believe adrenochrome is Hollywood’s secret fountain of youth medicine.

Three years ago, Dr. Phil featured a survivor of the elite pedophile ring who detailed how she was abused and shared by important people. The clip was sensationalist though there was never any follow up; if anything, the viewer was left with a feeling that this was the most horrific testimony they had ever heard, or this women was an insane attention seeker — you decide.

Dr. Phil McGraw’s show on CBS has the largest daytime audience for a talk show and has always been produced in partnership with Oprah Winfrey who gave him his start on air.

Winfrey’s friendship with Hollywood predator Harvey Weinstein was reinforced by starlets accusing her of delivering them to his lair. Winfrey’s private jet also landed at Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James nearly a dozen times, while her friendship with Brazilian sex abuser John of God and what really happened at her African girl’s school paints her whole public persona as very suspect.

In many ways, these public disclosures, even in baby steps, are instrumental in waking up Americans to these horrors. For every person who relies on the gatekeepers’ conclusions to look the other way, another person takes the step to research for themselves.


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